Trevor Project Survey finds High Rate of Depression in LGBTQ Youth

LGBTQ youth in the south are disproportionally underserved. Many don’t have access to spaces that affirm their identity. According to a recent analysis by The Trevor Project, unsupportive environments are linked to an increased likelihood of depression and even suicide. The same survey found 69 percent of those same young adults had fair or poor…

Preparing for a new job

You have researched the company. You know what they do, and that you can contribute in a meaningful way. You have researched, and yes, they have a healthy LGBTQ office culture. The position, title, pay, and benefits all look good. You’ve expressed interest, and they have invited you to come in. Congrats! Now the part…

The Search for a Healthcare Provider

It all started with a pain in my groin, an ache I chalked up to maybe sleeping in an unfortunate position. By the end of the day, things “down there” had swollen and grown increasingly tender to the touch. When I awoke the second day, I was nearly in agony. I couldn’t call my regular…

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Charlotte housing advocates are stunned at the accelerated pace of evictions in Mecklenburg County during the fall, amid fallout from COVID and the end of a federal moratorium on evictions.  “For the greater part of 2021, landlords weren’t able to move forward with evictions related to non-payment and COVID-related non-payment,” said Hannah Guerrier, a supervising…


Former Raleigh LGBT Center ED Let Go Amidst Finance Questions

In April 2019 the LGBT Center of Raleigh announced that Lindsey Lughes would be joining the center as their new executive director. The organization confirmed they were excited with her background and intrigued by what she could potentially bring to the table.  It was clear all of that changed approximately two years later, when Lughes…