Which state is the most closeted in the US?

A new study from a market research firm in Austin, Texas reveals where in the U.S. the most people are questioning their sexuality. The unlikely answer comes from the politically red, religiously conservative Utah, a finding that earns the Mormon enclave the title “most closeted” among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. “The…

Are Charlotte faith groups actually affirming LGBTQ people? Consider the orange.

The youth director at Temple Israel in Charlotte, Alan Johnathan, describes why many Jewish people are adding an orange to update their traditional Passover seder meal. The seder plate includes at least five symbolic foods: bitter herbs (maror in Hebrew), for the bitterness of slavery; leafy greens (karpas), for spring and the hope of new…

Our People: Rev. Dr. Benjamin Boswell

Every now and then someone comes along who surprisingly changes the game about something we thought we knew about. Suddenly, things look a little different and we either buck against that change or willingly embrace it like a breath of fresh air. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Boswell is that breath of fresh air. At least for…

Our people: Rev. Debra J. Hopkins

If you’re in the Charlotte area and interested in supporting the trans community Rev. Debra Hopkins is a name that’s almost guaranteed to be mentioned or come to mind. Rev. Hopkins is originally from the neighborhood of Jamaica in Queens, New York, but she’s made her home in Charlotte for over a decade. She’s a…


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Our People: Jenni Gaisbauer

There’s a charming four-bedroom Craftsman styled bungalow near Davidson College, which is inhabited by some happy folks who love the area as much as they do their home.  Jenni Gaisbauer, a yoga lover who makes a really good dirty martini is one of them. Originally from Minnesota, she’s also a former Plus Collective Chairperson who…


Body-inclusive fashion line Dapper Boi

People come in all different shapes and sizes. Typically, but not always, female bodies tend to be a bit more round, while male bodies lean towards a more square shape. Those predominant shapes are reflected in the different cut and style of clothing for women and men.  But – as we all know and especially…