Virtual Reality Gaming and Fitness

Recently a client let me try out his Oculus after raving about it for weeks. I finally decided to make the time to see why he was so excited. And I have to say it: I’m completely hooked. I love it. Over the course of two different visits, he let me play with three different…

Carolina Panthers hire the NFL’s first Trans Cheerleader

Dancer Justine Simone Lindsay, 29, recently demolished a sports world barrier, becoming the NFL’s first ever openly transgender cheerleader. “You are looking at the newest member of the Carolina Panthers TopCats,” she wrote in a celebratory Instagram post back in March announcing her membership on the team’s cheerleading squad and officially coming out publicly as trans. “This…

SC Governor signs HB 4608

As of May 16, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed into law HB 4608, which bans transgender students from participating in school sports consistent with their gender identity. HB 4608 is a discriminatory attack on transgender students who – like many teens – are going through the motions of keeping fit and enjoying physical activity…

South Carolina House passes anti-transgender sports ban

After over eight hours of debate and filibuster, HB 4608, which bans transgender students from participating in school sports consistent with their gender identity, was rushed through the South Carolina House of Representatives April 6 to meet a legislative deadline of April 10.  Although the Bill is titled “Save Women’s Sports Act,” the South Carolina…


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As we move through life, our DNA begins to literally unravel at the ends. This is what leads to the symptoms and indications of what we call aging. Our nutritional patterns can dramatically accelerate or slow this process, as can reducing other sources of excess inflammation.

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Magic Season: A Son’s Story

You’ve always looked up to your dad. Sometimes it happened literally, like when you were a child and “up” was the only way to see his face hovering over yours. You’ve looked up at him in anger, embarrassment, dismissal, and yeah, you’ve looked up to him in the best ways, too – never forgetting, as…

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What is straightwashing?

Though LGBTQ people have existed since time immemorial, they’ve only recently begun to receive a fair amount of representation on film and TV. Still, Hollywood has a knack for straightwashing LGBTQ characters and historical figures, reinforcing heteronormativity when it can. Below, we highlight some recent examples of straightwashing in film and TV. What Is Straightwashing?…