What is straightwashing?

Though LGBTQ people have existed since time immemorial, they’ve only recently begun to receive a fair amount of representation on film and TV. Still, Hollywood has a knack for straightwashing LGBTQ characters and historical figures, reinforcing heteronormativity when it can. Below, we highlight some recent examples of straightwashing in film and TV. What Is Straightwashing?…

Midcentury Maven

Duane Scott Cerny knows enough about buying and selling vintage artifacts to fill a book. Actually, a couple of books. His first, “Selling Dead People’s Things: Inexplicably True Tales of Objectionable Estates” was published in 2018. His latest, “Vintage Confidential – Retro Rattled, Tales Tattled: Confessions of the World’s Third Oldest Profession” (Thunderground Press, 2022) was recently…

Magic Season: A Son’s Story

You’ve always looked up to your dad. Sometimes it happened literally, like when you were a child and “up” was the only way to see his face hovering over yours. You’ve looked up at him in anger, embarrassment, dismissal, and yeah, you’ve looked up to him in the best ways, too – never forgetting, as…

Judy Collins to perform at Charlotte’s Knight Theater Aug. 7

Judy Collins chuckles when she hears the word legend used to describe her. Despite her obviously well-tempered ego, many fans wouldn’t call the word inaccurate. Her career began in 1959 when she first started making appearances around the country as a folk music artist. Her debut album, “A Maid of Constant Sorrow,” was released in…


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Living & Dying With Grace

When Roxanne Stanard was eight years old, her grandmother suffered an aneurysm. Stanard stepped in to help. It was the beginning of a lifetime of caregiving that Stanard embraced for the next five decades until her beloved wife Chris died in 2013. Stanard, who lives in Charlotte, has been a caregiver for her grandmother, mother,…


Smallpox vaccine can provide immunity to monkeypox

Beginning in 1958 and continuing until 1977, the United States, in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), initiated and ended a program to eradicate smallpox from the planet. When the program was completed and declared a success, the vaccinations came to an end. For everyone who received that vaccination, there’s a tell-tale sign: an…