Harris and Buttigieg Visit Charlotte

Vice president Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg paid a visit to the Queen City December 2, to talk about President Joe Biden’s recently passed $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure law. While White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has repeated the line time and again to reporters that current President Joe Biden plans to run again…

Our People: Adam Dietrich

Adam Dietrich is passionate about food. He calls North Carolina home, but he’s a native Floridian. He’s also a chef and food safety instructor. While at home in his kitchen (his favorite room of the house) in Newell he spoke to us about the joy of cooking, dangerous food myths and living his best life…

Celebrating the Season

For the LGBTQ community, the annual end-of-the-year holiday season traditionally kicks off with costumed Halloween parties at clubs and homes. Following are the usual mix of dinners and house parties with friends and family for Thanksgiving and general seasonal merriment as we wing our way into Hanukkah (Nov. 28 – Dec. 6), Christmas (Dec. 25)…

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One Third of NC’s Population Covered by NDOs- Many Gaps Still Left

A year ago, North Carolina saw a window of opportunity open. One prong of House Bill 142, the weakened successor to the infamous House Bill 2, expired once again, allowing local governments to pass ordinances to protect marginalized groups, including the LGBTQ community. With its sunset, cities, towns and counties could once again protect queer…


Are soaring home costs good or bad in NC?

Reprinted with permission from The Charlotte Observer Nearly half of North Carolina residents negatively view rising housing prices in their community, according to a new poll, though those who already own their home were more likely to see increased values as a good thing.  Elon University released results from the new poll Wednesday with the The Charlotte…