Queer Conference makes LGBTQ history accessible

After what seems an eternity of global pandemics, social upheaval, and constant economic pressure, the second convening of the Queer History South conference begins in Dallas at the end of September.  I remember talking with friend and colleague Barbara Lau at the Pauli Murray Center at Duke in 2014 about how difficult the work of…

Supreme Court to revisit LGBTQ rights – this time with a wedding website designer, not a baker

A simmering, difficult, and timely question returns to the Supreme Court this fall: What happens when freedom of speech and civil rights collide? The court took up similar questions four years ago in the famous “gay wedding cake” case, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, about a baker who refused to provide services for…

Shifting strategies for monkeypox vaccines in Charlotte and the state

Raynard Washington, the Mecklenburg County health director, takes umbrage when he hears people say the monkeypox vaccine clinic staged at the Charlotte Pride celebration last month fell short of expectations. In mid-August, Mecklenburg Public Health worked with the state Department of Health and Human Services to administer the Jynneos vaccine at the Pride events through a pilot program offered…

Durham’s Pride celebration is back In real life and in person

All across the nation and in many cases, across the globe; June begins LGBTQ Pride month. In the Carolinas pride events of one sort or another begin during the internationally recognized month and continue through September and October, wrapping up with related tie-ins to Bisexual Awareness Day (September 23) and National Coming Out Day (October…

The beginning of the modern downfall of democracy

Depending on your perspective, the official erosion of democracy in the United States began at two pivotal times in the mid-20th century. Specifically, under the guidance of former President Dwight Eisenhower, the first inappropriate blurring of government and religion came on June 14, 1954, when Eisenhower was swayed by the efforts of a Baptist minister…

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LGBTQ History Month: Hans Christian Andersen

Biography: Fairy Tale Author b. April 2, 1805d. August 4, 1875 “Just living is not enough … one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish storyteller and novelist, most famous for his timeless fairy tales, including “The Little Mermaid,” “The Snow Queen” and “Thumbelina.”  Andersen was born to…


LGBTQ History Month: Robina Asti

Biography: Transgender Rights Plaintiff  b. April 7, 1921d. March 21, 2021 “After years of deep reflection, I realized that I was not living my true self.” Robina Asti was a World War II Navy pilot and the oldest working flight instructor on record. As a 92-year-old transgender woman, she won the legal right to receive…


For the 2022 History Project: Urvashi Vaid

When Urvashi Vaid died at 63 in May 2022 after a valiant fight with breast cancer, thousands of LGBTQ people who had been touched by her decades of activism mourned her passing. Vaid had been part of more than a half-century of activism that began when she was only 11. She worked on a breadth…