LGBTQ History Month: Bob Hattoy

Gay Rights Pioneer b. November 1, 1950d. March 4, 2007 “Mr. President, your family has AIDS … and you are doing nothing about it.” Bob Hattoy was a pioneering HIV/AIDS, LGBT rights and environmental activist. The New York Times called him “the first gay man with AIDS many Americans had knowingly laid eyes on.” His…

Pandemic Pivot: Museum Launches Major Digital Exhibit for LGBT History Month

Visitors to the Stonewall National Museum and Archives (SNMA) in Fort Lauderdale, one of the largest LGBT lending libraries and collections in the country, dropped by nearly two-thirds because of the pandemic. Stonewall, like other museums and other cultural institutions across the country, is still struggling to resume operations. Visitors slowly returned as vaccines became…

Closing the Gaps

The 2014 Harvard Study revealed what many nonprofit leaders in Charlotte already knew — it’s nearly impossible to get ahead here if you are poor. However, the study didn’t address what many LGBTQ nonprofits and advocates also knew, which is that the ladder of success is nearly nonexistent for Charlotte’s poor LGBTQ individuals. Black folks…

Lil Nas X Becomes First Black Gay Man to Win MTV’s Best Video VMA

This past Sunday, September 12, saw Lil Nas X become the first Black gay man to capture an MTV Video Music Award (VMA) for Video of the Year. But the awards from MTV didn’t stop coming that night. The video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” also captured awards for Best Direction and Best…

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Walking the Natural Path to Self-Acceptance

One of my spiritual values is maintaining a connection to the natural world, and I believe this embodied spiritual practice played a major role in helping me accept my LGBTQ identity. Learning to accept ourselves and celebrating our uniqueness are key to thriving as an LGBTQ person. For some, the path to this acceptance is…


Getting Involved in LGBTQ Student Life

Getting involved in LGBTQ student life on campus allows queer and trans youth to learn more about themselves and others like them. It also opens the door to leadership opportunities, support systems and professional networking.

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Just Janice: Remembering a Legendary, Controversial and Kind LGBTQ Advocate

LGBTQ advocate Janice Covington Allison, who passed away from a long-term illness last week at the age of 74, is remembered in the hearts of local Charlotte residents. In the collective grief over her death, vivid memories of Janice elicit a mixture of laughter, tears and new revelations about how she lived and what she…