Just Janice: Remembering a Legendary, Controversial and Kind LGBTQ Advocate

LGBTQ advocate Janice Covington Allison, who passed away from a long-term illness last week at the age of 74, is remembered in the hearts of local Charlotte residents. In the collective grief over her death, vivid memories of Janice elicit a mixture of laughter, tears and new revelations about how she lived and what she…

An LGBTQ Fitness Icon

In honor of LGBTQ History Month, I thought it would be nice to shine a little light on a bright personality who has brought wellness to millions of people. In my experience as a trainer, being personable and funny makes the sessions much more enjoyable to clients. It is important to recognize that many people…

Walking the Natural Path to Self-Acceptance

One of my spiritual values is maintaining a connection to the natural world, and I believe this embodied spiritual practice played a major role in helping me accept my LGBTQ identity. Learning to accept ourselves and celebrating our uniqueness are key to thriving as an LGBTQ person. For some, the path to this acceptance is…

Coronavirus Journal

We thought we could go back to normal, after a year of lockdowns and social distancing. Like George W. Bush in Iraq, we declared victory prematurely.

Resilience and Remembrance

As we continue through the blazing heat of the end of summer, it’s time to take stock and reflect on recent events. This is even more true this month because this is Black August. Black August is a time of resilience and remembrance of Black resistance against racial oppression, especially in the prison system. 

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Teaching Communities How to Fish

Food is a delicious part of culture. People look forward to partaking in holiday dinners, community feasts and regular evenings around the kitchen table. The lack of food, or food insecurity, is still a crisis 38 million Americans deal with every day [2020].  According to FeedingAmerica.org, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased that number to more…


Instant Photography

In ‘40s and ‘50s, Instant Photography Gave LGBT People a ‘Safe/Haven’ Christiana Lilly Two men dressed in drag for a tea party, two women cuddled up at the beach. Today these might be benign photographs, but in the early 1950s, they were memories shuttered away from public view. Until now. These two photographs and a…


Raleigh joins Wake County in New Non-Discrimination Protections

The Raleigh City Council unanimously voted to join in a new, LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance Tuesday, the day after the ordinance was passed by Wake County. The move makes North Carolina’s capital city the 15th local government in the state to pass such an ordinance since a ban on local non-discrimination ordinances expired late last year. The…