Our People: Cayme Andrea

During a family discussion recently, a nine-year-old asked her mother a question. Nothing too deep, just regular stuff. When her mother responded the little girl said, “Oh my God! Do you have to be a life coach right now?” Clearly, she hasn’t yet realized that the profession is truly an intersection of who her mother…

A Message from the Publisher

2021 has been a pivotal year for QNotes, and we want to thank you for being loyal readers and supporters. Here are just a few of the highlights:  We announced our Google Innovation Challenge project to create a new online center for community, launching a year’s worth of work to develop and test the new website.In March, we…


You help them in school when they need it, or with a loan in a pinch. Your home is their home, and vice versa. You might share clothes with your friends, seats, secrets and for sure, support but what about people you don’t know that well?  In the new book “Allies” by various authors, you…

Transgender Parents: Establishing Your Rights in Child Custody Disputes

No divorce process looks exactly like another. But transgender people may feel a particular concern about not being treated fairly in divorce as a result of their gender identity, especially as a parent. Does your transition during marriage change your legal rights as a spouse or parent?  Can your transition or gender identity prevent you…

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NC Native to Take Over Office of LGBTQ Resources at Yale University

Former North Carolina resident and native Samuel Byrd will transition into the role of director of the Office of LGBTQ Resources at Yale University during the month of December.  Maria Trumpler, founding director of the office, will retire December 1, although she will work closely with Yale newcomer Byrd throughout the month. Trumpler has led…

arts & culture

Sharon Gless talks about her new book, ‘Apparently There Were Complaints’

Have you ever read a memoir that is so intimate, so revealing, so honest, that as you were turning the pages it felt like the writer was sitting next to you, speaking directly to you?  Kudos to multiple Emmy Award-winning actress Sharon Gless for making that a part of the experience of reading her new memoir Apparently There Were…