What does AMAB and AFAB mean?

The terms “AMAB” and “AFAB” often come up in LGBTQ discussions and spaces. If you’ve just started exploring your own sexuality or are an ally who wants to do right by your LGBTQ friends, learning the proper terminology can help you gain a better understanding of the LGBTQ experience.Here, we break down the meaning and…

LGBTQ Books for Kids

Various Publishers$14.99-$17.99 Like every kid in the world, the one you love has a zillion questions. “Why” begins with ants and runs through zebras. “When” goes from astronauts to zoos. “Who” from Aunties to, well, you. So why not keep a few books around for the kiddoes, books that entertain and gently inform… Life is…

Why I Make My Son’s Clothes

When you walk into a children’s clothing store, signs quickly alert you to which side of the store is for girls and which one is for boys. Like most parents of a son, I automatically walk to the “Boys” side. It is what I have been conditioned to do by societal norms. For decades, those…

Joe Biden issues executive order to fight conversion therapy & LGBTQ fostering discrimination

President Joe Biden is signing an executive order today to fight conversion therapy worldwide. The order addresses several other issues involving anti-LGBTQ discrimination. The executive order tells the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to issue rules that ban the use of federal funds for programs that offer conversion therapy. HHS will also have…


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Mecklenburg County Colleges and Universities Respond to Supreme Court Decision on Roe v. Wade

Five colleges and universities with a major presence in Mecklenburg County expect no changes in their health care and student services after the Supreme Court’s decision to remove constitutional protections for abortion.Davidson College, Johnson C. Smith University, Johnson & Wales University, Queens University of Charlotte, and UNC Charlotte are all evaluating the impact of the…

arts & culture

What is straightwashing?

Though LGBTQ people have existed since time immemorial, they’ve only recently begun to receive a fair amount of representation on film and TV. Still, Hollywood has a knack for straightwashing LGBTQ characters and historical figures, reinforcing heteronormativity when it can. Below, we highlight some recent examples of straightwashing in film and TV. What Is Straightwashing?…