You help them in school when they need it, or with a loan in a pinch. Your home is their home, and vice versa. You might share clothes with your friends, seats, secrets and for sure, support but what about people you don’t know that well?  In the new book “Allies” by various authors, you…

Transgender Parents: Establishing Your Rights in Child Custody Disputes

No divorce process looks exactly like another. But transgender people may feel a particular concern about not being treated fairly in divorce as a result of their gender identity, especially as a parent. Does your transition during marriage change your legal rights as a spouse or parent?  Can your transition or gender identity prevent you…

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NC Native to Take Over Office of LGBTQ Resources at Yale University

Former North Carolina resident and native Samuel Byrd will transition into the role of director of the Office of LGBTQ Resources at Yale University during the month of December.  Maria Trumpler, founding director of the office, will retire December 1, although she will work closely with Yale newcomer Byrd throughout the month. Trumpler has led…

arts & culture

Vincent Van Gogh’s Head Takes Flight in Ballantyne

Blumenthal Performing Arts has partnered with Lighthouse Immersive for the presentation of a 91-foot tall head of Vincent van Gogh hot air balloon, which launched Tuesday, December 7 in Charlotte to celebrate the success of the Immersive Vincent van Gogh Exhibit. The balloon crew arrived on scene at Ballantyne’s Backyard Park, located at 11611 North Community House…


Remembering When I Wasn’t My Mother’s Eldest Child

I still remember asking my mother what to tell a southern relative who called to offer condolences for my brother’s death. “Just say it was cancer,” she replied with a hushed and shaky voice, hoping to escape any accurate suspicions or judgement of her first-born child, a vibrant young gay man. My experience with my…