Canada issues travel advisory to LGBTQ+ travelers visiting US

The Canadian government has updated its U.S. travel advice, warning LGBTQ+ citizens that laws passed in some U.S. states may directly impact them while visiting. The update, posted August 29 under the “Laws and culture” section of Global Affairs Canada’s United States travel advice, reads as follows: “Some states have enacted laws and policies that…

Gay Travel after COVID

Travel and tourism were hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Cruise ships, widely attacked as “floating petri dishes,” were the first to go, followed by air, rail and road travel. Travel destinations closed their boundaries and most of us stayed home. No one was sure if the changes brought about by COVID would be permanent.…

Pride Journey: Athens, Georgia

Everyone knows that I am a sucker for small-city charm, so I decided to venture about an hour and a half outside of Atlanta to Athens, Ga., home of rock bands R.E.M., Widespread Panic, and of course, the B-52’s. As soon as I drove into the college town, I knew I was in for a…

A weekend in the city by the bay: San Francisco

You can’t beat a visit to the city and county of San Francisco. The Castro and San Francisco were the mecca for many in the LGBTQ community and the destination is still a draw today.  San Francisco and the Castro district lay claim to many significant historic first accomplishments in the United States for our…


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Our People: Natalie Watson

At the helm of any great thing, any monumental effort, is usually some dedicated and passionate person with a team of accomplices. Natalie Watson is one such person. Watson, practically a Durham native (living in the area since 1995) is the Interim Executive Director and former Deputy Director of the LGBTQ Center of Durham.  While…


Supporters of LGBTQ+ rights protest event at Union County library

Nearly three dozen people protested a Constitution Day event in Union County on Saturday because they say county library officials favored one event over another. The spirited group involving members of Union County Pride, faith-based organizations and others staged a peaceful protest at the Monroe-based main branch on Windsor Street. They oppose the county’s recent…


Advice on aging for the senior LGBTQ+ community

As LGBTQ+ people, we share many of the same concerns with aging as anyone else. Many of our needs are different, though. We are two to three times more likely to live alone and four times more likely not to have children.  This raises questions: Who will care for us when we need it? How…