Sex-Positivity Means Unlearning Shame

My next lessons on sex came in the fourth grade, in North Carolina public school health classes. On a special day that required advance parental consent in order for students to participate, “boys and girls” were separated and sent to two different rooms to view scientific diagrams of our reproductive systems. 

Is Love Worth…Relocating?

A reader asks: “I recently met the man of my dreams. Of course, he lives in New Orleans, and I’m about to move to New York City. But I really, deep down think that he’s “the one!” Help!”

Five Tips to Show Diversity in Your Resume

The year 2020 saw huge cultural changes sweep over the country. Some of these changes made their effects felt in the workplace — there was a powerful push for diversity and inclusion. The world is made up of many different kinds of people, with each kind bringing their own aptitudes and talents to the table.…


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