Black and LGBTQ at an HBCU

Exodus Moon will never forget the time he walked into a career fair at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU). He wore a fresh polo shirt and khakis. Moon thought he looked good, and he probably did, but he didn’t look professional. A college advisor pulled him into a room called “the closet.” Moon walked out…

When Does The Slaughter Stop?

Danyale Johnson, a 35-year-old Black trans woman, was shot to death November 13, in Memphis, Tennessee.  According to authorities, she was still alive when police arrived on the scene at a parking lot sometime around 1 a.m. but died a short time later. Closed circuit camera footage reportedly showed her arguing with a man who…

LGBTQ State and Local Government Employees Still Getting Shafted

About half of all LGBTQ people who work in education and law enforcement are not out to their supervisors. Over 600,000 LGBTQ employees are currently employed nationwide by state and local governments. One in five LGBTQ employees has worked in state or local government at some point in their careers, including nine percent who have…

New Data Shows Latest Impact of Pandemic on LGBTQ Community

A new survey released November 9, outlines the impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTQ community, including experiences with overall health during the pandemic, getting vaccinated and concerns with the Delta variant. Sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and conducted by Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) and supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, the data found…

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Vincent Van Gogh’s Head Takes Flight in Ballantyne

Blumenthal Performing Arts has partnered with Lighthouse Immersive for the presentation of a 91-foot tall head of Vincent van Gogh hot air balloon, which launched Tuesday, December 7 in Charlotte to celebrate the success of the Immersive Vincent van Gogh Exhibit. The balloon crew arrived on scene at Ballantyne’s Backyard Park, located at 11611 North Community House…


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Expect the Unexpected

Life can change in an instant. Life is great, but sometimes things happen, usually without warning. Some of those things can be good (sometimes very good) and sometimes they are not. Just because something is unexpected doesn’t mean we cannot be prepared. Recently, the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce sponsored a presentation on this topic.…