Sharon Gless talks about her new book, ‘Apparently There Were Complaints’

Have you ever read a memoir that is so intimate, so revealing, so honest, that as you were turning the pages it felt like the writer was sitting next to you, speaking directly to you?  Kudos to multiple Emmy Award-winning actress Sharon Gless for making that a part of the experience of reading her new memoir Apparently There Were…

LGBTQ Projects Advancing

Pandemic-related challenges continue to abound for LGBTQ organizations and cancellations of in-person gatherings once again have become the norm. The National LGBTQ Task Force’s annual Creating Change conference, which was scheduled for this weekend in New Orleans, has been postponed for a virtual conference to be held later in the year. The annual gathering of…

The New Year Is Finally Here

The new year is finally here. We are headed into the third year of a devastating pandemic in a nation that seems more divided than ever. Continuing our work towards a thriving, liberated North Carolina with a powerful LGBTQ+ community united in service of racial and social justice remains our top priority. We’ve made progress,…

Holiday Parties, Dinner Guests And When To Shut Up

Dearest Trinity, I hosted a party at my apartment so that my friends could meet my new boyfriend. But I messed up really bad, got really drunk, said really stupid things and ended up “making -out” with an old boyfriend in front of my new boyfriend, who is now really mad! Help! Sincerely, Hosting Horrors  …

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A Message from the Publisher

2021 has been a pivotal year for QNotes, and we want to thank you for being loyal readers and supporters. Here are just a few of the highlights:  We announced our Google Innovation Challenge project to create a new online center for community, launching a year’s worth of work to develop and test the new website.In March, we…


Former Raleigh LGBT Center ED Let Go Amidst Finance Questions

In April 2019 the LGBT Center of Raleigh announced that Lindsey Lughes would be joining the center as their new executive director. The organization confirmed they were excited with her background and intrigued by what she could potentially bring to the table.  It was clear all of that changed approximately two years later, when Lughes…


Preparing for a new job

You have researched the company. You know what they do, and that you can contribute in a meaningful way. You have researched, and yes, they have a healthy LGBTQ office culture. The position, title, pay, and benefits all look good. You’ve expressed interest, and they have invited you to come in. Congrats! Now the part…