What is straightwashing?

Though LGBTQ people have existed since time immemorial, they’ve only recently begun to receive a fair amount of representation on film and TV. Still, Hollywood has a knack for straightwashing LGBTQ characters and historical figures, reinforcing heteronormativity when it can. Below, we highlight some recent examples of straightwashing in film and TV. What Is Straightwashing?…

Charlotte Pride: Keeping you Safe and Healthy

by Clark Simon (he/him) Charlotte Pride President The days are counting down and the Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade is just around the corner. After a two-year pandemic hiatus, we’re committed now more than ever to keeping you and our entire community safe, healthy, and well. Here’s how Charlotte Pride is planning on keeping you…

Latinx: an inclusive or offensive word?

For many, a language is a kind of living being that is in constant movement, in permanent evolution. With the passage of time, certain words or phrases that are not used often are eliminated, and new terms are also incorporated. Now, there are expressions that try to define us as a community. These existential words can spark controversy, and…


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Living & Dying With Grace

When Roxanne Stanard was eight years old, her grandmother suffered an aneurysm. Stanard stepped in to help. It was the beginning of a lifetime of caregiving that Stanard embraced for the next five decades until her beloved wife Chris died in 2013. Stanard, who lives in Charlotte, has been a caregiver for her grandmother, mother,…


How did the SNL comedy group Please Don’t Destroy choose Charlotte to film its new movie?

Do you remember when Please Don’t Destroy creators Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy were spotted filming in NoDa and we lost our collective minds? We have news, Charlotte: the movie producers are looking for local extras.During the last week of July, the Observer’s CharlotteFive reported seeing Marshall, Higgens and a stunt double roller…


What does AMAB and AFAB mean?

The terms “AMAB” and “AFAB” often come up in LGBTQ discussions and spaces. If you’ve just started exploring your own sexuality or are an ally who wants to do right by your LGBTQ friends, learning the proper terminology can help you gain a better understanding of the LGBTQ experience.Here, we break down the meaning and…