Our Rights at Risk

Election Day is fast approaching. Voters across North Carolina will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, but the voting season officially kicked off earlier this month. County boards of elections started mailing out ballots as early as September 9, and over 5,000 voters have already cast their absentee ballot by mail. Voting by…


Getting to know Columbia’s legendary Harriet Hancock

Harriet Hancock is sitting at her dining room table looking out at her back deck. The backyard is shrouded in trees, creating an idyllic, peaceful environment that surrounds her three-bedroom home in Irmo, South Carolina. In many ways, it is idyllic, only it isn’t exactly home. Home is Columbia, South Carolina, a place where she…

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A conversation with SC Pride President Jeff March 

Jeff March has enjoyed living in the Carolinas for 40 years now and hasn’t looked back since his family relocated from Chicago decades ago. For March, Columbia, South Carolina, is home. “It’s growing in a positive direction for a lot of communities, including the LGBT community,” March explains. A staple within South Carolina’s Pride community,…


Supreme Court to revisit LGBTQ rights – this time with a wedding website designer, not a baker

A simmering, difficult, and timely question returns to the Supreme Court this fall: What happens when freedom of speech and civil rights collide? The court took up similar questions four years ago in the famous “gay wedding cake” case, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, about a baker who refused to provide services for…

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