From The Daily Tar Heel:

robinette_smDuke University junior Justin Robinette claims his sexual orientation was the reason for his impeachment Wednesday as chairman of Duke’s College Republicans.

But his official impeachment article and members of the organization’s executive board said the impeachment and request for resignation was because of “conduct unbecoming of a person in a position of leadership” among other reasons.

“Comments were made directly to me and my executive board before and after the meeting concerning my sexual orientation, calling me a supporter of the faggot center, calling me ironic, calling me disgusting,” said Robinette, who is gay.

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…and read more at The Duke Chronicle.

UPDATE, April 20, 2010, 1:30 p.m.: Duke Student Government rules in favor of Duke College Republicans. Read more at The Duke Chronicle and The Daily Tar Heel.

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

7 replies on “Prez of Duke College GOP outed, then impeached”

  1. Oh! This is going to make all those closeted fundamentalist conservatives and Republicans who are scared of being outed by their “friends” SQUIRM. This kind of thing can happen to anybody. It is never pretty, and it is almost always very sad. This is 2010. All gay men and women should refuse to hide who they love any more!

  2. Son, You mess around with dirty people and you are going to get soiled! Best to learn firsthand and support the party that supports you. It doesn’t take a Duke Grad to figure that out!

  3. to FEEL STUPID….wonderful moniker, says sooooo much. Robinette was given 8 hours notice to prepare his case. And as for Republicans, their contributions to improve the lives of gay people speak for themselves. ZERO CONTRIBUTIONS AND HATE POURING FROM THEIR LIPS! You are just more of the same scum!

  4. Come on people with decency, join the party that supports you. Republicans squirm at the thought of Gays, which is hateful as their tens of millions of us in the USA and we contribute greatly to our country in EVERY aspect you can imagine.

    Republicans won’t admit it, but these NO votes in the senate show they are the party of Wall St.
    Furthermore, they’re anti-progress on every aspect. They just want to bomb everyone and pretend it’s 1880 in Walnut Grove, still!

    Sorry, it’s 2010 – if you’re queer, be you and be proud, and as CYNDI LAUPER, straight singer, says, get involved and stand up for ALL people’s rights if you’re straight – it’s YOUR responsibility. Just as it’s my responsibility as a white man, more so, to stand up against obvious anti-black/latin hatred.

    JOHN 3:16 WHOSOEVER believes in JESUS shall NOT perish

  5. mess with the dirty people and get soiled. so true… ha. (and I meant to type there are tens of millions of us GLBTers, not “their”)

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