Two LGBT political action committees (PACs) and an LGBT blogger in Durham have released their endorsements in North Carolina’s 2010 primary.

The Equality North Carolina PAC, the Greensboro-based Replacements, Ltd. PAC and Pam Spaulding of announced their picks between April 15 and April 19. The Mecklenburg Gay and Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) has yet to release their endorsements. Early voting began April 15 for the May 4 primary.

qnotes will not be making endorsements in this year’s primary races.

Equality NC PAC

Statewide Judicial Races (Nonpartisan)
Court of Appeals Judge — Leto Copeley, Jane Gray

Local Judicial Races (Nonpartisan)
District Court Judge District 5 — Julia Boseman
District Court Judge District 14 — Catherine Constantinou, Kerry Sutton

North Carolina Senate Races
Senate District 3 — Clark Jenkins* (D)
Senate District 7 — Doug Berger* (D)
Senate District 21 — Eric Mansfield (D)
Senate District 32 — Linda Garrou* (D)
Senate District 40 — Malcolm Graham* (D)

North Carolina House Races
House District 18 — Susi Hamilton (D)
House District 39 — Darren Jackson* (D)
House District 45 — Rick Glazier* (D)
House District 58 — Alma Adams* (D)
House District 85 — Beth Ostgaard (D)
House District 99 — Nick Mackey* (D)
House District 102 — Becky Carney* (D)

* indicates incumbent
(D) indicates Democratic Primary

About ENC PAC endorsements: As a registered state PAC, Equality NC PAC does not endorse in federal races such as U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress. Equality NC PAC is committed to a non-partisan endorsement process. While there were Republicans who participated in our endorsement process, none met our complete criteria for endorsement.

Replacements, Ltd. PAC

Guilford County
U.S. Senate— (D) Cal Cunningham
N.C. House Dist 58 — (D) Alma Adams
N.C. House Dist 60 — (D) Earl Jones
N.C. Senate Dist 28 — (D) Gladys Robinson
Board of Education At-Large — (D) Nancy Routh
Board of Education Dist 2 — (U) Ed Price
Sheriff — (D) Harlon E. Costner
Sheriff — (R) BJ Barnes
Court of Appeals (Calabria Seat) — (D) Jane Gray
Court of Appeals (Elmore Seat) — (D) Leto Copely

Rockingham County
U.S. Senate — (D) Cal Cunningham
U.S House 5th District — DO NOT VOTE FOR Virginia Foxx
Court of Appeals (Calabria Seat) — (D) Jane Gray
Court of Appeals (Elmore Seat) — (D) Leto Copely
Commissioner — DO NOT VOTE FOR Grover Burgess

Randolph County
U.S. Senate — (D) Cal Cunningham
Court of Appeals (Calabria Seat) — (D) Jane Gray
Court of Appeals (Elmore Seat) — (D) Leto Copely

Alamance County
U.S. Senate — (D) Cal Cunningham
Court of Appeals (Calabria Seat) — (D) Jane Gray
Court of Appeals (Elmore Seat) — (D) Leto Copely

(D) indicates Democratic primary.
(R) indicates Republican primary.
(U) indicates an unaffiliated candidate.

Spaulding U.S. Senate endorsement

Pam Spaulding of has endorsed Elaine Marshall in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.


A great candidate and campaigner, she has set an unbelievable standard for responsiveness regarding presentation of LGBT issues. And I mean that regardless of any specific position she has taken. What the goal for the Blend this year was to ensure clarity and lack of finessing statements of support on specific legislation so that the LGBT and ally voters can decide for themselves who will best represent them on the Hill.

The campaign is always a reflection of the candidate, and the people Elaine Marshall chose to surround herself with to ensure clarity of message and outreach has been superb; special mention here goes to staffer Mike Nellis, who not only engaged readers in the comments; he went back to ensure that the campaign’s website evolved to ensure Marshall’s views were clearly stated — and with remarkable turnaround time.

Constituent services regarding our federal office holders has been a pet peeve of mine for some time now. It’s time for another Senator who is able to reach the level of service of the late Jesse Helms, a reviled man who still knew that responding and taking seriously every constituent inquiry, even if he disagreed with them, was acknowledged and received respect. And that was one reason he managed to get re-elected.

Based on positive interaction at this level during the campaign, Senator Marshall will understand this need and establish clear and effective channels of communication to her constituents and restore the people’s confidence in the ability of federal office holders to remember who sent them there to serve.

Click here to read Spaulding’s entire endorsement, including information on her selection process and links to “live blogs” with Marshall and Ken Lewis. A live blog is scheduled with Cal Cunningham on APril 25, 7 p.m.