Two more county governments in North Carolina have considered or will consider resolutions opposing recent federal court decisions striking down the state’s anti-LGBT constitutional amendment on marriage.

Down east, the Brunswick Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution at their Dec. 1 meeting. Commissioners in Stokes County, just north of Winston-Salem, will consider a resolution on Dec. 8.

These efforts follow the passage of a similar anti-LGBT resolution by Gaston County leaders on Nov. 13.

The resolution under consideration in Stokes County uses the same wording as the Gaston resolution (PDF). Like Gaston’s resolution, the Stokes resolution also directs that a copy of their resolution be sent to each of the other 99 counties in the state.

The newspaper has requested but has not yet received a copy of the Brunswick resolution.

Columbus County was the first to pass a resolution opposing the Oct. 10 and Oct. 14 federal court decisions by Judges Max Cogburn and William Osteen. Their board considered and passed a resolution on Oct. 20. It does not resemble the resolution passed by Gaston County.

Columbus Commissioner Ricky Bullard had requested his county’s resolution be put on the agenda, and said he was driven to take the action by his religious beliefs and raising in the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

“In the Bible, it always talks about Adam and Eve. I’ve never heard it talk about Adam and Steve,” Bullard said, according to WECT.

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

3 replies on “County governments to consider more anti-LGBT resolutions”

  1. It’s well within the rights of private individuals to voice their beliefs. But, when it comes to government, those individual beliefs are to be set aside, especially if they are religiously driven, for the good of the whole. People who insert their religious, bigoted belief system into government have no business being in government.

  2. The upside is that every single one of these bigoted individuals who pass these resolutions will be forever recorded in history as taking direct action to express discrimination. History will also witness the total disregard for the legal and judicial system that these anarchists profess to hold so dear. Their legacy will no longer be about economic development or infrastructure for their County. They will be forever linked to Governor Wallace who stood in the way of integration in Alabama. as obstructionists to equality for all human beings. They too are obstructionists and will be forever remembered as such.

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