[Editor’s note regarding pronoun usage: Family, some friends, law enforcement and other media are using male pronouns to refer to Walker. However, qnotes has chosen to use female pronouns to identify her. Walker’s Facebook profile uses female pronouns and, according to law enforcement, Elisha is the name reported to the investigators and which she apparently used in her daily life.]

Elisha Maurice Walker has been missing since Oct. 23. She is identified by law enforcement as male, 20 years old (DOB: 09-26-1994), 5'8", 120 pounds, with "light brown skin complexion."
Elisha Maurice Walker has been missing since Oct. 23. She is identified by law enforcement as male, 20 years old, 5’8″, 120 pounds, with “light brown skin complexion.”

A transgender Rowan County woman has been missing since the end of October and despite some new clues, police and family say they’re no closer to finding her.

Elisha Walker, 20, hasn’t had contact with her family or friends since Oct. 23. On Nov. 11, her mother reported her missing.

Walker is 20 years old, 5’8″, 120 pounds, with “light brown skin complexion,” according to law enforcement.

“Elisha normally stays in contact with family and friends via phone calls, texts, and facebook [sic] postings, but has done none of that since October 23rd, when [she] had contact with a cousin on that date,” a press release from the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office reads.

Last Sunday, Nov. 23, Walker’s burned out car was found in another county. The silver 2000 Pontiac Sunfire was badly damaged by fire when it was found near the town of Clinton, N.C., in Sampson County, about 45 minutes east of Fayetteville.

Investigators believe the car was intentionally set ablaze.

Sampson County Sheriff’s investigators are canvassing areas near where the vehicle was found.

The last time Walker might have been seen was on Oct. 30. At the time an officer spotted her car traveling in Salisbury. The tag number had been displayed on a homemade piece of paper.

“An officer from the Salisbury City PD ran the tag for the Pontiac Sunfire on October 30th, after spotting the car, using the paper tag, traveling on Hwy 150 out of the city limits,” the sheriff’s release says. The officer ran the tag and no problems surfaced. “The officer had no probable cause to stop the car at that time, and it was last seen traveling on Hwy 150.”

The sheriff’s office says Walker has been known to travel to Durham and the Camp Lejune area, “but there are no known areas for certain at this time that [she] may be located in.”

Anyone with information on Walker or her location is asked to call Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Staff Sgt. Investigator Jason Owens at 704-216-8683.

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