I hate that it’s so easy to get source material exposing the bigotry still alive and well in this state. Within a span of 12 days, three stories made news, right here in North Carolina. Another appeared on their heels. They’re indicative of how much animus, intolerance and downright hate still exists in this state vis-à-vis trans and LGB issues. I sometimes have to wonder if we’ve made much headway in the court of public opinion. Given that real change is usually a grassroots kind of thing, watching how social mores evolve gives us insights into how tolerance and diversity evolve. Judging by these letters and articles, it would seem that we’re still living in the dark ages.

The first item appeared just before Thanksgiving. Someone living in Davidson County wrote a homophobic letter to The (Lexington, N.C.) Dispatch entitled “Homosexual Threat.”

The letter was chock full of the kind of lies and innuendo we hope to see a new generation of Americans repudiate; you know: predator myths, mental illness allegations, as well as the “it’s a lifestyle” meme. You can respond to this kind of nonsense (we did), but there’s always some wingnut ready to step up. My letter was followed by the classic “God chastens America.” This one trotted out the “America is a second rate power, thanks to all you perverts and the Anti Christ” diatribe. Just to make sure we comprehend how hateful this writer is, he throws in the following gem “You can be homosexual, bisexual, murderer, rapist or whatever because there’s no moral law against it.” Sheeessshhh!

You can find both letters at The Dispatch’s website, as well as the replies: the-dispatch.com/section/opinion02.

A few days after Thanksgiving, I heard about the G105 incident. If you aren’t familiar with this Raleigh radio station, G105 airs one of those comedy-in-the-morning shows. This one originally aired on Nov. 12, 2010. Listen to the clip here: qnotescarolinas.com/FRI08.mp3.

The gist of the conversation with the caller detailed his experience in a nightclub with a trans-identied woman whom he claims had deceived him. Amongst the banter were copious pronoun mis-pronunications including references to “it” and “she-him.” These were tame compared to the tack the conversation eventually took. After the caller described a kiss, one of the moderators asked how many times he (the caller) had showered after learning, to his disgust, that the person he kissed was trans. But, most heinous and disturbing was the remark to which GLAAD responded. From the GLAAD blog, “One of the hosts even went as far as to advocate violence against her and likened her to a sexually transmitted infection.”

On Dec. 5, Raleigh’s News and Observer ran a story on an incarcerated trans woman. Shawn McDaniels has since been released, but the experiences related to us about life in prison for a trans woman are enough to scare the crap out of anyone. As if it weren’t frightening enough to be victimized by other inmates, the heinous stories of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of prison guards are downright alarming. One officer has been charged and is now awaiting trial.

“Penitentiary is a different world,” McDaniels, who was released on parole Oct. 1, told The News & Observer. “A sergeant with three stripes, his word is gold. If I didn’t do as he said, he could have written me up for nothing, had me thrown into the hole. He could have said I hit him and had me arrested. Nobody’s going to take my word over his.”

This is the kind of dark-ages behavior still being perpetrated against trans individuals.

Lastly, there is the case of Mike Adams, a professor at UNC-Wilmington. Adams is a well-known trans-phobe who writes a column for TownHall.com and other commentary sites. Recently, Greensboro’s News & Record ran an article, eventually picked up by The Associated Press, about a voice clinic for trans-identified women at UNC-Greensboro. Mike Adams just couldn’t resist. On Dec. 8, he let forth a tirade with the kind of hateful vitriol we have come to expect from this out-and-out bigot.

“According to the AP,” Adams wrote, “’Nicole’ actually spent over $100,000 on an attempted transition from male to female, including flying to, of all places, Thailand, for sexual reassignment surgery. (Please, no dirty Bangkok jokes.) After spending a whopping $20,000 on facial hair removal Nicole still had a problem: His voice still gave him away as a male (because he was and still is a male).”

Adams added, “Despite the deep budget crisis, North Carolina taxpayers pay UNCG speech pathologists to teach transgender people how to speak like the people of the sex they are trying unsuccessfully to become. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t. We’re talking about UNC-Gomorrah.”

Many have expressed their dismay to UNC-Wilmington, but, to our best knowledge, Adams has been an independent agent and Town Hall has no apparent connection to UNCW. Fair-minded individuals recognize that Adams certainly has a constitutional right to spout obnoxious vitriol; fair-minded individuals can make their voices heard, as well, and let the public know about Adams’ and others’ despicable behavior.

Additionally, North Carolinians still have no statewide protections against discrimination aimed at LGBT citizens. While 13 states and hundreds of jurisdictions nationwide have enacted laws, only three local jurisdictions in North Carolina have followed suit. And, as noted, the human rights of those who have been incarcerated are tragically in jeopardy.

It is not the case that efforts to educate have been lacking. Many trans individuals have spent countless hours talking, writing and speaking. We are not unaware of the mechanisms that induce change, but where our efforts to inform others regarding discriminatory behavior end, we feel it is incumbent upon citizens who believe in equal rights to pick up the torch and educate themselves, their families, friends and coworkers. The fight for equality belongs to everyone. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., no one will truly enjoy equal rights until we all have a share in equality. : :

— Comments and corrections can be sent to editor@qnotescarolinas.com. To contact Robbi Cohn, email robbi_cohn108@yahoo.com.

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  1. Been here 4 years from Metropolitan Florida. I live in Winston-Salem. I have never encountered such ignorance, bigotry and hatred. I have accepted a job in St. Petersburg and will move this summer. The gays and lesbians that I have met here have reminded me of victims of spousal abuse. Cowering sheep. I feel sorry for Gays and Lesbians in this part of NC…but not sorry enough to stay.

  2. With regards to Mr. Adams, please differentiate between “phobe” and critic. There is a distinct difference. One can be disregarded, the other must be debated. One is easier the other a challenge. Which tact did you take?

  3. i find it funny that you think that anyone with a different opinion is a bigot. you seem to think that anyone who does not practice political correctness is a bigot or a homophobe. a bigot, in case you dont know, is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own. bigotry involves Prejudice. i know Dr. Adams personally and he is not a bigot. he is simply not a politically correct person and i admire him for that. neither i nor Dr. Adams approve of homosexuality, but we are not prejudiced against homosexuals. i believe that the term bigot applies more appropriately to those of you who hate Dr. Adams and other like him who speak their mind and are “intolerant” of them. before you start throwing around the term bigot like a football you should look at the situation and see if it actually applies.

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  4. Is it really “intolerance” to say we believe you’re *wrong*? If so…then aren’t you being intolerant of *me* when you try to shout me down for disagreeing with you?

    While I’m asking questions, why is it a “phobia” when I think your lifestyle choice (oh, pardon me…not supposed to call it that, am I?) is dangerous to your health and wellbeing? Statistically speaking, I is, and not because all of us homophones are hurting you in some way.

    I am not phobic regarding homosexuality. In fact, I have no opinion about it. I think that homosexual acts are inherently disordered (read the English word:dis-ordered, as in not ordered toward a good end). I believe them to be immoral. I can discern that homosexual acts are a violation of he natural law, because of their inherent closed nature (not ordered to life, making them a misuse of your sexual faculties.

    If it makes you feel better, I think the same thing about all other sexual misbehavior. Not everything is ok just because we can do it.

    I ain’t skeered of you. I just think you’re hurting yourself. And by trying to force the rest of us to believe your choices are “normal”, you’re hurting us all.

  5. i’ve known mike adams for a few years now and, in addition to making about 20 less typing and grammatical errors in his articles, he makes about 100 times more sense instead throwing himself into some kind of rage over issues that don’t even directly affect him. i also believe that if he were going to quote a radio show, he would pick something politically based instead of ‘Bob and the Showgram’, a show which has a long history of people complaining about comments made and has long exercised it’s freedom of speech (the guy on the show was a studio guest by the way, NOT a caller) only to be shut down by close minded individuals like yourself waving a flag of pseudo-freedom disguised as so loose a term as ‘tolerance’. maybe before showing the world yet again what an incompetent writer, speller, and political editorial author you have turned out to be, you should check some facts and try keeping a level head. all you’ve done is set your cause back by being angry and jumping on your keyboard. and if you need a reference, try reading how many comments adams gets on his articles, then look at your wimpy excuse for ‘intelligent conversation’ again. i rest my case.

  6. Yes, it would be good to differentiate between “phobe” and “critic.” One is mentally ill. The other just holds a different view. Are you a “critic” or a “phobe” of Mr Adams? Do you support or oppose free speech? Are you a tolerant and open-minded individual or are you advocating Viewpoint Enforcement?

  7. I regret that anyone feels hated. However, much of what you call “hate” is not hate at all. It is simply disagreement.

    You also call opinions that differ from your own vitriol. What do you call your vitriol in this post? Truth?

    As to the reaction the redneck had to the transgendered individual once he was “discovered,” I agree the redneck could have been a bit more sensitive. At the same time, by not disclosing his gender/nature, the transgendered individual was being dishonest and deceitful. I would have felt violated had he allowed me to think he was indeed a natural woman. This kind of “forcing” oneself on others is one of the reasons you get bad reactions.

    As to Adams, I see nothing hateful or vitriolic at all in his remarks. I do see hatred and vitriol in your personal attack on him though. It seems you are a bit hypocritical. The man is smarmy, acerbic, sarcastic and sometimes a bit too blunt. No doubt! But just because he disagrees with your lifestyle choices does not make him or anyone else a bigot. Neither does the fact that he lacks tact. A bigot hates everyone. Adams has spoken out only about those who violate a Biblical standard or tenet.

    I do not agree with any transgendered LGB lifestyle choice but I hate no one who makes such a choice. I think it is weak and silly to fail to accept how God (or nature if you are too weak to accept God) has made you. I think it is weak and silly to pervert the natural sexual proclivity and choose Sodomy, but I won’t interfere with you for it. I won’t try to dissuade you and I won’t even complain. In other words, I will tolerate you. Which respect you have already proven (as an individual and a community) that you won’t return. You like to cry tolerance while at the same time you are hugely intolerant. Again, how hypocritical.

    I personally do not care what you are/do, but I do resent your trying (as a community) to force your need for validation down my throat, and force what I consider to be vile and immoral practices on others, especially innocent children.

    Maybe if you got that chip off your shoulder and acted like rational adults people might not react so badly to you. As to the term “Homophobe” which you like to wield like an axe; No one on this side of the fence is afraid of you. We just don’t want you forcing you choice and beliefs on use, just like you don’t want us forcing ours on you. Our disagreement with you is not forcing anything, but your militant social and political actions against us ARE!

  8. Perhaps you’d have more success convincing people to be “tolerant” if you refrained from the very activity you claim to despise. I counted at least seventeen separate pejoratives in this article directed at critics of LGBT. While some like Mr. Adams use sarcasm and humor to get their point across, the writer of this article seems to believe that vitriolic name-calling is the best way to win an argument (much like many others who take the same viewpoint). I personally prefer to reason my way through complex issues by examining the facts. I expect the reason many defenders of LGBT stray away from the battlefields of humor or fact is that they are conspicuously unarmed in both categories, and must therefore resort to argumentum ad hominem and other fallacious arguments.

  9. What is sad (for those who fought for equal rights in the civil rights era) is that their battle and accomplishments are being usurped by the mentally disturbed individuals who refer to themselves as “gay”, “bi”, “trans”, or by even the honest term: “homosexual”. Soon, people of color will find themselves lumped in with those mentally disabled individuals when “civil rights” are mentioned…but nice of Robbi to paraphrase Dr. King!

  10. It is funny that you attack these people practicing their 1st Amendment rights. They are just trying to practice their equal rights equally and yet you don’t want them to disagree with you? Doesn’t make sense.

    Here’s a suggestion, since you obviously don’t mind people getting sex changes, why don’t you, Robbi Cohn, pay for the classes instead of the taxpayers of North Carolina? Maybe you should put your money where your mouth is.

  11. Mr. Adams is completely correct to criticize the state for providing speech therapy at taxpayer cost to transgendered individuals. I have no problem with private decision but don’t ask the taxpayers to pay for it!

  12. Let me start by saying that my understanding is that sex – heterosexual or homosexual – outside of (traditional) marriage is a sin. I think that this is Mike Adam’s position also. The fact that I am strongly heterosexual does not give me the freedom to commit sexual sin. Homosexuals live with the same definition of sin as me.

    Now to cases. I am not trying to deny LGBTs equal rights under the law. But I am concerned when any group attempts to gain ascendant rights under the law or in a university or anywhere else. If UNCG spends money on a speech pathologist to help a man sound like a woman (like he wants to sound) then shouldn’t any citizen of North Carolina get equal help to sound like they want to sound? What does “equal” mean? Not that one group gets more help than another. The homosexual lobby is the one that is working for inequality – not Dr. Adams.

  13. After reading the quotes from Mr Adams I fail to see why his words should be put in the same class as prison brutality. He does express the opinion of ‘born a male always a male’ but how does that equal ‘hateful vitriol’, make him an ‘out-and-out bigot’? Indeed the main focus of his comments seems to be on the use of tax dollars for speech therapy for transgendered individuals. Physical and sexual abuses such as rape definitely qualify as ‘despicable behavior’ but an objection to how tax dollars are spent? No way. After reading how Nicole had already spent in excess of $120,000.00 I object to the use of tax dollars for her speech therapy. What does that make me?

  14. Why is it that homosexuals still feel like we are violating them? I am constantly told EVERYDAY that I am wrong for the way I think by the media! I get homosexuality shoved down my throat all the time and I am supposed to be OK with it?! Maybe my views are based on my so-called “homophobia”(that I have yet to be clinically diagnosed with). I think that all Mike Adams wants is people to see how immoral homosexuality is. And his so called “bigotry” is his First Amendment RIGHT. So stop sending complaints to his workplace. You are contradictind yourself on the whole First Amendment thing.

  15. Ah, heterophobes at their best! An entire column about the maligned less than 2% of this country who choose to be defined by how they have sex! If you don’t find it odd for an institution with DEEP Budget cuts to spend this much money on such lunacy, then your heterophobe is showing!

  16. Perhaps the LBGT crowd should watch F**K Hate video that is circulating on YouTube before they accuse others of vitriol, hate and bigotry. I’ve not heard anything remotely similar from Christians or conservatives (other than the typical wing-nuts on all sides of any controversial issue).

    Additionally, anyone who deceives anyone else about their sexual being is far more despicable than someone getting angry about kissing them. Unless of course the LGBT crowd believes deception and lies are admirable traits.

    Look in the mirror and remove the log, before you try to remove the spec from someone else.

  17. Most of us do not care what you do with your sex organs, as long as everyone involved is consenting. A small minority of us don’t even care so much about ages of consent, as long as the individual in question understands what s/he is doing.

    What we truly hate (not “hate” by your definition, but by the Webster’s dictionary definition,) is when you involve us by telling us about it!

    Most people I have ever met are perfectly willing to deal with you as human beings are supposed to deal with each other up until you bring up the subject of sex and your preferences. As soon as that cat gets out of its bag, usually because you opened the bag, turned it inside out, and flung said pussy high into the air, people will begin distancing themselves from you, some faster than others. Here’s a hint: If you don’t want to be shunned, then DON’T TELL US ABOUT IT! It’s none of our business, anyway!

    We do not fear you. We do not hate you. We just wish you would knock off all the carrying on about where and in whom (or what) you like to put your penis.

    Give it a rest, already!

  18. Just because someone disagrees with you, or speaks out about your militant cramming down throats of something that is disagreeable, does not make one a bigot, ‘homophobe’, or intolerant. It makes one an opinionated human, just like you. Do you like being called names? I don’t either. Grow up and argue effectively with facts. Stop the schoolyard name calling. It serves no one, angers many more and makes you lose more ground. I think Gruvdog said it all in his comments above.

  19. isn’t it simply amazing? those who most preach
    “tolerance” are those who are most INtolerant?

  20. Robbie, it sounds like you’re making a moral judgement against bigotry, as if this behavior is wrong by some absolute objective moral standard.

    If bigotry is indeed objectively wrong, then please explain what absolute and unchanging standard you use to determine what is moral or immoral, and if this standard is universal such that it should apply to all people at all times.

    If this is the case, then how is it morally acceptable to be a sexual deviant but immoral to be a bigot?

    Who determines morality for everyone – is it God, the individual, or the consensus of individuals?

    Can there be an absolute and objective standard of morality without God? If there is, please explain. If there’s not, then there is no objective morality, only subjective – dependant on the individual which reduces morality to nothing more than an individual’s opinion, which no else one is obligated to respect.

    You have a double standard. You want no one to judge you for your moral choices, but you make judgements against anyone with a different opinion. If sexual deviancy is a choice, then how do you judge someone’s choice to be a bigot? If practicing homosexuality is something that cannot be helped (“I didn’t ‘choose’ it, I was born this way”) then the arguement that bigots are “born that way and can’t help it” must be equally valid.

    Your ilk like to go on about “diversity”, but you don’t really mean it; your false diversity is intolerant of opposing views. What kind of “diversity” is it where everyone thinks exactly like you do?

    This is why your opposition to Dr. Adams or anyone else who you don’t agree has no rational basis, is incoherent, and makes no sense whatsoever. People who like to be their own god and demand the right to make their own moral choices give up all credibility when trying to critique other people’s beliefs or values.

  21. There is a huge difference between tolerating a lifestyle you may find immoral versus being forced to financially support someone’s decision to live it.

    I believe that this is Mr. Adam’s point.

  22. I have a great deal of respect for the intellect and spiritual peace that Professor Adams possesses. He is fighting the good fight against tyranny and the insulting demeanor of persons such as yourself.

    I also resent the term ‘phobic’ that you seem to enjoy tagging on to everything. Phobias are fears by definition and I can assure you Mr. Adams and I do not fear sodomites and other mentally ill self-mutilators. However in the afterlife I will be more than happy to discuss with you all whether sodomy is a positive moral life choice or not.

    Sarasota, FL

  23. Really! I agree with “gruvdog”. You sound like my 14 year old, teenage whiner. The LBGT community needs to grow up. You do not need, nor do you have the right to demand, my acceptance of your personal perversion. Your mental obsession (with your genitals) does not give you the right, to SPECIAL rights, or taxpayer PAID indulgence, of your mutilation of your body, or training to distort your natural voice. PAY it your self, and get out of my face. You love to call that hate (again, teenage drama queen stuff) I just call it practical commonsense. Really, your whining, and name-calling just makes you pitiful and waaayy to much work to hate. Most of us, just sigh in irritated pity and disgust.

  24. If you supposedly support free speech, then why encourage people to harass someone at their place of employment. I do not recall Dr. King marching for homosexuality and transgendered; actually of all the black friends that I have resent the parallel that the left is trying to draw between civil rights and homosexuality. Lastly for journalists with a supposed college education, you would think you would be able to differentiate between satire done in criticism and hate speech; but then again that is not your goal. You wish to label everyone that disagrees with you as racist, a homophobe or a hater, therefore trying to make irrelevant any real argument they would have based on motive.

  25. Instead of showing intolerance against Dr. Mike Adams for disagreeing with you on certain issues, why don’t YOU explain why North Carolina taxpayers are being forced to pay for the voice clinic he wrote about?
    Start there.

  26. Dear Robbi,
    Your article exhibits extreme intolerance. It’s the pot calling the kettle black syndrome, in theory. I say “in theory” because the hate is on your side, not Mike’s. I hate raisins. Does that make me a raisinaphobe? Just trying to understand your logic.
    Best regards…

  27. And so we see the very intolerant, Bible Thumping (BUT NOT CHRISTLIKE), ignorant rednecked heteros that I am fleeing. I can’t wait to get out of NC. If I had not been forced to come home and care for a parent I never would have been here. I just can’t deal with the overt hatred and lack of morality that these asshole straight display so proudly. It’s like they have three teeth, 11 children out of wedlock and clubfeet and they state”Lookee here what I has!”

  28. And by the q-notes, your magazine has become a Pentecostal rag. You should do a little moderation. There are more straight detractors that gay supporters!

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  30. Free speech? My deleted comment in NO way violated ANY TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If it did, tell me which ones. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  31. @adam “If you believe in free speech, why do you keep bullying this man at his place of work?” Because you dolt he is a public figure, public employee who works for ALL OF THE PEOPLE! Get it?

  32. Chip, Unfortunately your kind of ignorance hurts everyone. No one here will tell you not to believe what you believe and act upon because we know better. You are obsessed with your religion and wish to push it off on us. Would you believe every medical and psychological association in the nation and most of the civilized world? No? I thought not. Bigots keep their eyes closed as tightly as their minds.

  33. Dr. Adams is completely correct to criticize the state for providing speech therapy at taxpayer cost to transgendered individuals. I have no problem with private decision but don’t ask the taxpayers to pay for it!

  34. No Kit. TownHall is owned privately by Salem Communications. You cannot have him fired from his public job for his private opinions. One does not suffer a civil death when becoming a public employee. Please stop calling me and others names while waving the banner of tolerance and diversity.

  35. Dear mods,
    Can you please let me know why my post is being held in moderation?

    There was no offensive language, it was not a personal attack, it was sincerely and politely phrased.

    I have read through your T&Cs and cannot see any violation.

    Yours sincerely,

  36. Why is it Kit can personally attack people again and again with impugnity but other well meaning people are highly scrutinized or banned? don’t answer that, its a rhetorical question. we all know its because qnotes only tolerates intolerance and bigotry when it favors their position. No pun intended!

  37. I never disputed Mike Adams’ right to free speech, nor any of the others cited in my column. I will not stoop to the level of some who have commented, but will merely advise that I have read several articles that Prof. Adams has penned and all contain a blatant ignorance and intolerance. To my way of thinking, that kind of behavior is generally steeped in bigotry and is indicative of a transphobic mindset.

    Until society accepts the rights of individuals to self expression, bigotry and intolerance will somehow be justified, as many of those who have left comments lend creedence.

    I welcome intelligent debate and discourse, but must admit that I am continually confounded by the reverse victim ploy. To maintain that Mr. Adams is a victim is absurd. To reduce the call for tolerance to some kind of victimization begs the question: do those who feel Mr. Adams has been vicitimized believe that those who advocate for individual rights should remain silent?

    And if you think Mike Adams is merely being witty and does not firmly beleive what he pens, that’s tantamount to delusion.

    Here are a few other citations:

    “Transgendered bathrooms will undoubtedly be supported by pedophiles and perverts everywhere. But, on this issue, feminists should break
    away from their traditional coalition with the gay rights movement. It is too easy for sexual predators to feign gender identity crisis. And too likely their victims will be real women.”


    “In the past, I have offended some transgendered persons by asking these two questions: 1) Does the act of removing a man’s penis make him into a woman? 2) If your answer to #1 is “yes,” does re-attaching
    it to his forehead make him a unicorn?

    Those two questions are my little way of asking the transgendered community whether there is any limit to their delusional belief that they can simply be whatever they perceive themselves to be. Their
    “reassignment” of mental illness – saying that others who oppose them suffer from “trans-phobia” – supplies the answer.”

    and, lastly,

    The concerned citizens who contacted me made the odd claim that their county had introduced and passed a new “gender identity” bill. The bill had disturbed many women because it would allow “men” to have open access to women’s and girl’s public restrooms, locker
    rooms and showers by simply stating that they self-identify as (read: feel like) a woman.”

    Again…these indicate, to me, that Prof. Adams is not only quite a distance from mainstream thinking amongst the clinical community, but has never taken the time to educate himself regarding alleged trans predation. There is NO evidence…not one documentable instance…wherein a trans person attacked, assaulted or otherwise caused harm in the context of using a bathroom. None. Yet, he continues to perpetuate the myth that such instances have occurred. Additionally, he has consistently maintained that trans individuals are, in some way or fashion, mentally ill. This runs counter to what the American Psychological Association has deemed to be the case. And, many in the American Psychiatric Association would concur.

    It is for these reasons that I make the case for what I consider to be a blatant transphobia.

  38. Mike Adams is the man! And he certainly isn’t a transphobe, does he talk like he’s scared of you? Why is it OK for you to bash Christian morality, but Christians can’t say voluntary genital mutilation is wrong? You are the one who truly acts hateful and “phobic”

  39. Having read Mr. Adam’s articles, seen the quotes and read all of the comments, what needs to be said has not really been said. Mr. Adams is most certainly transphobic, at the very least, and at the most is an outright bigot.

    When people openly attack another person based upon the way they are born or the way they live, it is usually and responsibly done by actually studying and finding some way to experience that persons life or reason for saying they have become a victim. There must be facts behind the stements or they are hurtful threats. Mr. Adams, by way of the very nature he states his case, the details and the language used, the terms that he frames his arguments and his total ignorance of general opinion and facts, along with no concept of the destructive nature and depth of the discrimination taking place, has no idea about what he is talking about. He is disgraceful and a bigot because he does not know or has even tried to experience the target of his discrimination.

    That does not mean that Mr. Adams has to experience being Transgender, but there are many support groups in NC that dedicate themselves to helping those Trans people who feel victimized by people like Mr. Adams and many of the responders to the orginal article and it would not hurt any one of you, and especially Mr. Adams, to give up a few nights of your hating and try to find out exactly what people are talking about by attending such a support group meeting and actually meeting a Transgender person or sitting and listening to their personal stories before passing judgement on them.

    But no… that is not Mr. Adams cup of tea. People who are as transphobic as he is most likely think that being transgender is something that can pass from one person to another by breathing the same air. He has no idea what the affects of his illiterate writing and lack of understanding transmit to others, because he will not openly debate the subject with Trans people or even try to understand their position. To Mr. Adams, it seems that treating people humanly and with compassion for their situation, even in involuntary, must be based on what is between their legs and how they use it.

    Dislike is one thing, but when Mr. Admas prints openly hateful and discriminatory statements, supposedly backed by outright lies, then he has stepped over the threshold of equality and fairness and into the world of bigotry and hurting other people and putting their lives in danger. We have all recently seen where that kind of talk gets us in Tuscon.

    So I propose that Mr. Adams take the time to learn about what he is writing about and actually gets to see how it affects other people. I propose that he take the time to actually meet and talk with Transgender people and attend a few support group meetings before he writes his next bigoted and disgraceful comment about them. I don’t think that is asking to much of the average commentator who should reasearch their subject before commenting about it. No one thinks that his mind will be changed or will try to change it, but listening to what ahs happened and still does happen because of his his articles and lies, might make him be a little more careful with his throwing around insults like they just don’t affect people in the future and that Transgender people don’t mind living in fear all their lives because of his opinions being transmitted to others.

  40. “trans-phobe”, “hatred vitriol”, “bigot.” The author is very good at calling Dr. Adams names but misses and dismisses all of Dr. Adams’ points. In addition, we still (as of this writing) have free speech in this country and that is what the author (and the government) hate the most.

  41. I started to read the comments but stopped after 3 or 4. It’s a waste of time. People will hear and see what they want to hear. As someone who was personally insulted by Mr Adams referring to me as “he” and “still a man”, I can pretty much say without a doubt that his comments are bigoted, degrading, and meant to be inflammatory. I call that kind of person a homophobic/ transphobic bigot. His comments are not meant to just present a differing opinion. They are meant to demean Transgender people.

  42. I used to be a Christian. I was proud of it. But I found so much filth and hate by other Christians to be so disgusting that I couldn’t bear it any longer. The slime that comes out of the mouths, the intolerance and the hypocrisy have led me to believe that Jesus would smack down 99.9% of ALL CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA! I don’t want to be associated with these kinds of people. They are vile.

  43. By the same token that heteros hate paying taxes that may or may not go to things they don’t support. WE are tired of paying taxes to support schools for your offspring.

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