The Raleigh, N.C.-based Gay Christian Network released a web video today exploring the results of a survey they administered to more than 3,000 Christian students at 20 different colleges and universities across the nation. Their goal was to determine how young Christians view LGBT issues and people. The group says they received surprising answers.

Asked if being gay was a sin, students split evenly, with 46 percent saying no, 46 percent saying yes and eight percent giving neutral answers.

Of those who believe being gay is a sin, nearly two-thirds said it was a choice, with only 16 percent answering no. Sixty-six percent said no one was born gay, even though LGBT students overwhelmingly self-reported (84 percent) they were born gay.

Seventy-eight percent of Christian students who believe being gay is a sin also thought gays can become straight. Only five percent thought sexual orientation can’t be changed.

Surprisingly, 54 percent of Christians thought being gay was a sin, even if a gay person was celibate for life. Only 28 percent said being gay while celibate was not a sin.

The difference, the group says, lies in how the two sides define the language and terms being used. LGBT people, they say, use words like “gay,” “bisexual” or “straight” to describe attraction. Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin use such terms to describe behavior.

Watch the full video, below, for more information…

YouTube video

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