For the past two years, the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund (CLGF) has been unable to hold their yearly fundraiser: The Happening. Like many organizations and companies, both for-profit and nonprofit, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a large toll on economic viability. Media reports here in Charlotte and around the globe have confirmed that many businesses and organizations have closed permanently and will likely never reopen. 

In lieu of the donations not received at the missed fundraisers, CLGF is seeking more participation than ever before with the 704 Mimosa Party on June 5. Because of the continuing challenges that exist as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event will take place in people’s homes, with smaller numbers of guests at multiple homes and and around Charlotte and the Metro area. 

The CLGF website explains the 704 Mimosa Party as follows, “We ask volunteers to host parties all around the Charlotte region. They invite their closest friends and family, we provide the orange juice and champagne, and the hosts commit to raising certain amounts based on the number of people they have attend.” Since the previously large-scale party has been broken up into multiple households, there will be less danger of COVID-19 spread.

Champagne will be offered at a discounted price to all hosts by Charlotte’s Wine Vault. CLGF will provide orange juice for the various parties. In past fundraisers for The Happening, CLGF has invited several special guests. Some of these individuals will make an appearance at a few of this year’s 704 Mimosa Party locations. 

For those interested in attending a party, rather than hosting one, fill out this form:

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