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The Out for Undergrad Tech (O4U) conference applications are open to LGBTQ undergraduate students who are aiming for a career in technology. Recommended for LGBTQ University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) students, the conference itself will take place October 7-10, and will be conducted entirely online. The application deadline is June 2. 

The two specific essay questions for the O4U Tech conference are, “How will your unique experiences and/or background contribute to the O4U Tech 2021 class?” and “Why is it [a piece of technology] meaningful to you?” Participants may be interested in the development, product management, strategy or design of technology. The event itself will offer a career fair, networking opportunities, mentorship discussions and informational panels.

O4U’s homepage welcomes applicants with the message, “Each year, we invite a diverse class of high-achieving LGBTQ+ students to four unique conferences, where they’re inspired to pursue ambitious careers.” Along with the Tech conference, Out for Undergrad offers Engineering, Marketing and Business symposiums as well.

The LGBTQ-specifics of the conferences allow young professionals to interact with others who may have faced discrimination throughout their careers and learn how older, more experienced LGBTQ+ professionals navigate the cultural and social demands of their workplaces.

Not specific to North Carolina, this conference is an opportunity for LGBTQ students to engage with others throughout the United States. UNCC inaugurated their Summit for Women in Tech event last year and is always searching for a way to further expand the role of technology and marginalized communities within the university. 

Anti-discrimination laws are a common discussion topic at the O4U Tech conference, which frequently cover LGBTQ individuals, as well as POC and religious rights. Recently, O4U Tweeted, “O4U stands with the Asian American & Pacific Islander community against Anti-Asian hate and violence.” 

Students admitted to O4U Tech are offered free tickets to all conference events. To apply for the conference, go to bit.ly/3vLHgHH.

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