As of May 4, the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce (CLGBTCC) has grown to encompass all major regions of North and South Carolina. The group’s expansion has also brought on a name change. It’s now called the Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. The change coincides with the twenty year anniversary of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), which will continue to partner with the CLGBTCC as they transform into the Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. 

Currently, there are existing NGLCC membership committees in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro/High Point, Rock Hill/Fort Mill, Columbia, Myrtle Beach and Charleston. According to Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, “The expansion is an effort to provide much-needed resources as support to LGBTQ and ally business owners and professionals through economic and professional development, policy and advocacy work, and community engagement.”

With the renaming, the organization has also created a new logo that will highlight the many regions of North and South Carolina. This logo will be used as an umbrella emblem for all membership groups under the larger Carolinas organization. 

“With this expansion comes an unwavering commitment to foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth across the region,” says Ciara Lilly, the future first Board Chair of Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce.

 “The LGBT community is powerful — we operate businesses, we create jobs, we add trillions of dollars to the US economy. Our collective voice needs to be heard and this expansion is the amplifier.”

The development of this group will allow for more LGBTQ businesses, especially those in need of communal or financial support, to flourish in the face of COVID-19. 

“This is a strategy-driven and bold step forward highlighting our commitment to our greater mission to foster equity, inclusion, and economic prosperity for the LGBTQ community through strategic policy, professional enrichment, ally partnerships and economic development,” explains President and CEO of the Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, Chad Turner. 

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