Pro-equality counter-protesters gather on Morgan St., across from an anti-gay National Organization for Marriage rally on the grounds of the North Carolina Capitol. Photo by Jerimee Richir.

RALEIGH, N.C. — LGBT and straight ally protesters outnumbered attendees at an anti-gay rally staged at the North Carolina Capitol by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today.

Reports by The News & Observer and grassroots activists via Twitter placed the number of counter-protesters between 100 and 150. The News & Observer reported only about 25 attendees at NOM’s rally.

Raleigh resident Jerimee Richir updated his Twitter followers throughout the event. He said one white NOM speaker compared himself to Martin Luther King, Jr., and attempted to explain the low turnout.

“White antigay NOM speaker compares himself repeatedly to MLK,” Richir tweeted, “but explains poor turnout as ‘most of *us* have jobs’.”

Twitter user KirilleXXI said one NOM rally attendee was holding a sign that read “Straight Pride.”

The low turnout at today’s NOM rally follows a string of turnout failures by the national anti-gay group. The Georgia Voice reported Saturday that NOM managed only 35 attendees at its rally in Atlanta while nearly 300 pro-gay counter-protesters gathered to greet them.

Update (2:30 p.m., Aug. 11, 2010): NOM Tour Trackers from the Courage Campaign report a hand-counted 61 attendees at the NOM rally and 255 pro-equality counter-protesters. Read more of Courage Campaign’s follow-ups and see their photos.

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(Ed. Note — The original version of this story incorrectly identified Jerimee Richir as working for the North Carolina Democratic Party. He no longer does. We regret the error.)

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

41 replies on “Pro-equality counter-protesters outnumber anti-gay NOM rally attendees in Raleigh”

  1. I was there…It was great!

    We Christians, who support natural marriage, prayed as a group, for those across the street.
    Those we prayed for, shouted red faced, spit at us and onto the street, and then actually shouted “God is love”.

    The Spirit of Anti-christ is alive, but not well.

    The sooner you folks surrender to the living God, who loves you, the happier and healthier you will be.

  2. Your dependency on attendence numbers alone, as a measure of justification of what is morally RIGHT and true, is truly sad.

  3. And all it is, is a Pharisaical prayer – performative and self-serving. I was there too, Jerry, on the other side of the street. Please don’t presume you speak for all Christians.

    I agree it was a great event.

  4. Jerry says, “The sooner you folks surrender to the living God, who loves you, the happier and healthier you will be.”

    Jerry, your suggesting that MY god doesn’t love me is the epitome of pious arrogance. If that is the kind of behavior your god supports, I want no part of it.

  5. Your dependency on the Bible as a means of justification of discrimination is truly… against the law.

    Thank you for playing, Jerry.

  6. Anonygrl, it isn’t even dependency on the Bible, is it? It’s nothing more than ugly and reactionary eisegesis.

  7. Jerry,

    Your dependency on voting numbers alone, as a measure of justification of what is morally RIGHT and true, is truly sad.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Perhaps someday you will truly feel God’s love.

  8. Matthew 6:5-6

    And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

  9. I love the freedoms our founding father’s wrote into our constitution!

    If anything, today was a great example of those freedoms in action.

    I feel Jesus’ increadible love for me every minute!
    And yes, I would love your prayers too.

    May the Lord, draw all of us into a perfect walk with HIM.

  10. oh yes, if you desire TRUTH…
    And wish to know God’s love personally.

    The way is simple:
    Believe John 3:16
    and the obey Acts 2:38

    And you will be well on your way.

  11. In reference to Mr. “Straight Pride”: he also ran through our people screaming “shut up, fuck you all” before heading across the street and aggressively shoved his middle finger an inch from a female’s face who was listening to the speaker with her pride shirt on.

    He exemplified the NOM’s more than any of this “God’s love” banter could possibly do. “Praying for us” while holding their right arms extended in a creepy display does not communicate love to me.

    It was a wonderful love filled afternoon of standing up for our rights.Thanks for the coverage!

    NOM needs a hug-

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I was to at the event today and many of you forget that the speakers today spoke that they love and care for you in many ways about you. However, you forget we as Christians are not saying that God doesn’t love you or hates you because you are gay, but rather that God hates your life style in which you have chosen. Like or not God has deemed this to be sinful. Your life style whether you think it’s the best for you is not good for you. And God wants you to turn away from what you are doing because even though you may think it’s good for you God says it’s not. It will destroy you in the end. I challenge you to look in scripture and see what the bible says about it.

    Secondly, marriage in this country is under attack by you that think you should be given this right. However, you seem to think that this right should given to you only because you say so. You compare yourselves to the slaves of old under the oppression of being a slave. However, there are laws in this country that allow you to be gay. You seem to forget that in Iran you would have been stoned to death if you were gay there.I do not wish this, nor do any members of my party,but you live in a country that allows you to be gay. Marriage has been divinely designed by God himself and when we as human beings tamper with his design large and terrible cost come to those that participate in its action. In this action, I must defend it from those that seek to alter it because of their own human desire, not Gods. This will erode the very foundation in which God designed the family and marriage itself.

    Lastly, I want to say this. Even though certain Christians may have said terrible things to you such as, “God hates Fags” “God doesn’t love you if you’re gay and so on” these people are incorrect in what they have told you. However, I must say this, GOD HATES YOUR LIFE STYLE AND WANTS YOU TO STOP! HE WANTS YOU TO STOP BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU TO MUCH TO ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY YOURSELF! Even if you think it’s right in your own human understanding God can see far more down the road than you can.

    I support you as a human being and care for those that are gay, however, I as a christian, will not support gay marriage on the foundation that it will destroy Gods fundamental institution of marriage set forth by him in the beginning of time. Also, I as a christian cannot support the homosexual lifestyle due to what it produces against Gods human design of nature. I love those that are gay( as Christ would have)but I cannot support the life style.

  13. I was standiing very near Mr. “Straight Pride”…

    And yes, it is true, Mr. “Straight Pride” was creepy… He creeped me out too.

    He may have been religious, but he was not a Christian if what you say, he said to you, is true.

    So on behafe of all of us Christians, I formally appaulogize for his actions. For They were not a reflection of Jesus’ charictor in any universe.

  14. Odd, the only one talking about numbers equating to what is ‘morally right and true’ was you, Jerry.

    From what I read, there was no moral judgement associated with the turnout numbers. Just numbers.

  15. * I respect your right to believe in God.
    * I respect your right to believe that homosexuality is a sin.

    * I do not believe as you do.

    * The federal government, via the 1st ammendment will take no official stand on which of us is right.(see 1st Ammendment)
    * The federal government, via SCOTUS has stated that marriage to the person of our choice is a fundamental right. See Turner v Safely, 482 US 78, 95 (1987). See Loving v Virgina, 388 US 1, 12 (1967). And number other examples

    * I will defend anyone against those who would attempt to infringe on that fundamental right.

    When enforcing your morality infringes on someone’s constitutional rights, it is illegal and should not stand.

    It does not matter what your personal beliefs tell you is right/wrong. If sometime in the future a state had a heavy Islamic majority and voted that women no longer had the right to vote, that would be unconstitutional too, regardless if those people felt it was morally wrong. (apologies to the MANY muslims who I know actually endorse gender equality)

  16. Actually, the measure of what is “morally right” is defined by God ALONE, not by human numbers…

    This very article, and many of the lefty participants, focused more on the turnout numbers then on the substance of NOM’s statements. (but then none of you guys heard the substance because you where too busy chanting the whole time.)

    That was my point.

  17. Oh Matthew, it is so sad what you do not see. I am human, I make mistakes, but loving is certainly not one of them.

    I understand that you read your bible or listen to your preachers and believe intensely that gay people are sinners simply because they are gay. Fine. You are entitled to that opinion.

    However, you are sorely mistaken if you do not believe that (a) there are gay Christians who are right with God, (b) there is only one interpretation of the bible.

    You are even more sorely mistaken if you believe that your personal religious views should be imposed on others by law.

    Marriage will still be marriage after gays get married. In fact, marriage is still marriage in Massachussets. Hmm… argument #FAIL.

  18. Osama bin Laden believes with all his heart that God is on his side, too.

    My take, if God disapproves of something I’m doing, he can come and tell me personally.

    Until then, I’ll let you fallable, interpreting humans argue amoungst yourselves while I use my own good sense, moral yardstick, and figure it out on my own.

  19. Post at 4:42 must read “you are sorely mistaken if you do not believe that . . . there is more than one interpretation of the bible.”

  20. We know what NOM’s message is. We’ve heard it.

    When your “love” results in tangible harm to others and an infringement of their rights, that “love” is not very “loving” in my opinion.

    Let’s try this..

    I love you. I love you because God loves you and Jesus told me to love all people. I feel that your public endorsement of an erroneous interpretation of the Bible and God’s love is a sin in God’s eyes and a stench in his nose. After all one of God’s commandments is ‘though shall not bear false witness’ and Jesus said ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. It is also resulting in harm to the good people of this nation and to yourself because God HATEs it when you sin that way! I truely believe this will all my heart because I personally KNOW that God hates what you are doing. Its a fact, I know it. God has spoken to me about this through his word and the actions of others.

    Because I love you so much, and want you to not be a sinner before God, I enact a law that will prevent you from spewing forth your sinful speech. True, you will no longer be able to speak in public.. but you will be saved! Surely your constitutional right to free speech isn’t nearly as important as me helping you to save your soul!?

  21. l8r_g8r,

    Im sorry that you think that, but I believe that you are the one that is mistaken. How can you believe that you are right with God yet you are doing something against his will and his design? If I rob from my sister yet I profess that I still love her and will do anything for her, How can I be right with her? Not really in many respects. I have to ask forgiveness and stop robbing from her. Sadly my friend I must say that when you’re sinning against God you cannot be right with God. In this argument Christian who profess to be christian but do not act as Christians and do not take the bible for what the literal meaning of it says are no Christian at all. Many want to skew what the bible says because in truth they don’t want to follow what it says because they want to do what they want to do. This is what God hates because it becomes a matter of self pride, the failure to let go of something destructive because in truth they love it. THIS IS SINFUL. Christ says that you are ether with me or against me. Black or white, hot or cold, clear as chrystal. You cannot sit the fence in this issue. Like or not thats the way how things are.

    Many who have their own interpritation of the bible and not take it for its literal meaning skew and take the bible to serve the purpose of having what they want.

    With the element of marriage with homosexuality: The dissolution of marriage with homosexuals was three times greater than that of hetrosexuals. With the element of lesbians the dissolution rate was four times great than hetrosexuals

    Source: Journal of marriage 2005

    Another aspect of this argument can be given with commitment. Homosexuals argue that if they are married that that they will stay committed to there spouse more than hetrosexuals. However, in a study, it has shown that only 4.5% of homosexual males stayed ( the social organzation of sexuality) loyal to their parteners compared to the 85% of women who stayed loyal to their spouse with hetrosexuals. 40% of homosexual men IN CIVIL UNIONS and 49% of homosexual men not in civil unions had discussed and decided that it was ok to have sex outside of the relationship. Only 3.5& of married couple agreed that sex outside of the relationship was acceptable. This clearly shows that this the argument of the homosexual marriage in the United States in flawed.

    Gay men are more prone to use substances at a higher rate than the general population and gay men have higher rates of alchohol dependences than staright men

    Source: The gay and Lesbian medical association

    Same sex cohabitants report more intimate partners violence than than did hetrosexuals

    Source: Nation institute of Justice

    In this argument I could go on and on about this. not only about the reason in what I have stated but also the health risk involved as well

    I am not blurting out hate speech but merely stating in why the homsexuality is sinful and what it produces.

  22. I arrived at the protest at around 10:50 today and was present in the front of the crowd until it was over around 1:00. Despite the fact that we outnumbered the NOM group by a large margin, our side did not display half of the rudeness that was shown to us. There were at least 2 different men from the NOM side who ran by us, waving their middle fingers around and shouting. One in particular, as mentioned before, yelled “f–k you” to a woman and waved his hand in her face as he ran by. I believe it was the genius with the “straight pride” sign.
    And Jerry, no offense, but that supposed “prayer” was nothing more than a photo op and you know it. As soon as the camera stopped rolling you all went on your merry way. Maybe I’d be more inclined to believe it was sincere if your actions weren’t so blatantly contradictory.
    And I don’t know of a single person who saw any kind of spitting going on. Not sure where you’re getting your information, but I hope it’s not from the man who was screaming and cursing at us.

  23. Dear Jesus,

    Please forgive Matthew for his homophobia. May he come to see how far he has strayed in his understanding of your word. Please open his heart to your true love, and have him embrace your Truth.

    Show him that mis-quoting the Lord Jesus is not only a sin, but is heretical.

    Teach him that, just as it is not an abomination to eat shrimp cocktail as it literally says in Lev 11:10, and that he should not actually kill those who work on Sundays though it says so in Exodus 35:2, so also is his literal interpration of Lev 18:22 no longer correct.

    Oh dear Lord, whose love knows no bounds, please forgive and help Matthew. Show him how Jesus said taught us to lead by example, and not by sword. Show him the empathy and patience that you have. Reveal to his heart how you never sought to impose the Word humanity, but instead sought to reveal.

    Lord Jesus, we forgive Matthew for not understanding none of the articles he quotes are even relevant to marriage in the United States. That there are no restrictions related to how likly disease, violence, or even permancy of marriage is to getting married in the United States. But more importantly, open his heart to the understanding that though Marriage is a fundamental right of all people in the United States, the Lord does not judge a marriage by what a government says a marriage is. And so, the Lord is not interested in hurting people or children in homosexual relationships over a semantic arguement. And that actions taken to deprive these government benefits to those couples and their progeny are equivolent to violence.

    Lord, we know Matthew wants to be a good person. Please show us how to help him.

    In his name we pray,

  24. Matthew, even if we grant that public policy should be based on the Bible (a highly dubious argument from a Constitutional viewpoint), scripture can be read and interpreted in many ways. There are many Christians who do not believe that the ritual prohibitions in Leviticus, or Paul’s advice to the early Church, have anything to do with loving, committed homosexual relationships. If you’ve never heard other interpretations of the Biblical passages which appear to condemn homosexual behavior, this site has a good overview:

    Christians can have honest disagreements about what the Bible means. It’s not appropriate for the government to favor one group’s interpretation over another’s.

    Catholics and some other Christian denominations do not recognize divorce, but our civil society allows it — and neither Catholic religious liberty nor the institution of marriage is harmed by it. Similarly, neither the religious liberty of Christians who see homosexuality as sinful, nor the institution of marriage will be harmed by extending marriage rights to same-sex couples.

  25. Pray for Matthew,

    thankyou for your somewhat skewed prayer , although I you know that you truly don’t believe in what you’re saying and only mocking me.I believe I have made my point, But in the end we will see at the judgement who is right and who is not. And I know FOR CERTAIN it will not be me.

    I beg you, please stop your lifestyle it will be the end of you. Christ loves you and cares for you in so many ways, but wants you to stop your lifestyle. Stop now before it’s to late

  26. Prayer for Matthew,

    by thw way read what else I have said in my previous post I believe I have made it very clear that I am not a homophob

  27. To Jerry,

    I am not a person who typically comments on blogs or makes comments against others. So call me a hypocrite but I cannot stand by your words and let you get away with them.

    I was at the rally today, without a sign but with a strong voice on the other side of the street. You say how we spit on you. You should be ashamed. All who were there know what really happened. For it was on your side where a man holding a “Straight Pride” sign came onto our side and said, “F*** you!” It was your side who shook their heads at us. It was your side who “prayed” for us, with your palms facing us, looking down upon us like the plagued. And that is why I said “God is love”. Yes, it was me who started the chant that so offended you. Why should it offend you? Is your God not an awesome God. He is not a loving God who sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. Sins like lying. Sins like hatred.

    It deeply upsets me the level that NOM and their supporters will stoop to defend what they believe marriage is. Sure, the Bible does mention marriage between a man and a woman, much like it also discusses polygamy and slavery. The statistics spewed out like wild fires in California that say how the children are negatively affected by same sex marriage, and how opposite sex marriages will be ruined by such a cause, are bologna. It is one thing to use your freedom of speech to show these “facts” on television or in public, but it is another in open court when under oath. There was no evidence to back up these so called “facts”, although there was plenty of statistical evidence to show that children were faring better in families with two mommies in school than the children of opposite sex parents.

    By stating that, I do not claim to say that all cases are the same. But what I do mean to say is that there is no evidence to support NOM’s heinous charges. Instead, the true villain to children is no doubt divorce. With such high divorce rates, no wonder children fare the way they do now. But I do not see NOM attacking divorce. Could it be because so many of it’s supporters have been divorced at one time or another. Or how about the argument that marriage is for procreation. How about the marriages where the couple does not procreate, or biologically cannot and must act in artificial insemination. Thou dost not protest this?

    If it is about the children, then why keep children from enjoying their married parents instead of knowing that their parents could never be? That is damaging to children. I find it personally disgusting the people who fight so hard with NOM and travel the road, leaving behind and NEGLECTING their own children for a cause which is all about them. They are putting this cause ahead of their family. Why? Why is it necessary?

    Are you worried we will indoctrinate your children? Please, your child would be straight or gay without anyone’s help. No one will guide him one way. It is biological and they will know it at an early age. Just like I did. I knew when I was a child, and I struggled my entire life. My father always said homosexuals were going to hell. In fact it was normal dinner table conversation. For years, I prayed and cried myself to sleep, begging God to change me. I dated girls, or tried my best to, but nothing changed. It wasn’t gay people who helped me see the light because I had no exposure. It wasn’t Hollywood because there was no way I could bring a “gay” film into my house.

    My struggle continued for 5 years after I came out to my parents and just now, after years of prayer on both sides we are understanding each other. And they are accepting and loving me.

    I’m not ready to marry but I want someday too. It’s always been my dream, and certainly one of the biggest things I struggled with when I was “confused”. I just can’t imagine someone would agree that the majority should vote on the minority. They agree with all the facts of the constitution when it is helpful to them. Only wanting free speech if it pertains to their cause (because I don’t see how gays getting married will threaten your freedom of speech). There is a reason why our founding fathers (who were not Christians) decided separation of Church and State. The people fled England and the Catholic Church’s role over it’s government. Now Christianity is doing the same.

    Jerry, I’m going to make an assumption here and forgive me if I’m wrong. Most likely you are a white male, which means you have always had the vote, always had the say over the minorities. Which it is why you never had to vote on the rights of others. African Americans, Women, and now homosexuals. Government must be there to defend the rights of her people and her constitution for if she had not, then your vote would have nullified all these causes.

    It is obvious this is not NOM’s only goal. First gay marriage, then adoption, then discrimination in the work place/hate crimes, then perhaps our entire execution. Maybe that’s a bit far-fetched but hey, it’s happening in Uganda.

    It is hard to be a gay Christian. To still have my faith when everything pushes me away. But I do. And I pray for you. Not that you will change. I don’t pray in public because as mentioned in Matthew 6:5, that is for the hypocrites. But I pray with my eyes closed and my hands clasped that God will lead me in the direction he meant for me. And that’s why I know I’ve been blessed with all that I have been.

    I apologize to all those who read this whole thing. I just felt I needed to speak. As an attendee. As a Christian. As a gay male. As a North Carolinian. And as an American.

    Thank you.

  28. I saw the rally today, and not once did a protestor spit at the opposition. Neither did the protestors behave in any rude fashion. It is by God’s good grace that these loving people came out today to show their support for equality. All they want is to be able to legally marry. It doesn’t hurt anybody and it doesn’t affect any other person’s marriage. Also, laws aren’t made based on religious beliefs, but on what equal. Even if it were a religious debate, God is love, not hate. If you worship a hateful god, then you worship a false one. Jesus Christ is love, so why doesn’t NOM preach that? Making up ridiculous stories to try and harm the other side doesn’t help those who oppose equal rights. “Jesus loves, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” God bless those who are protecting our most precious and highest golden rule given to us by Christ Jesus: “Love thy neighbor.”

  29. I was at the protest. That straight pride guy was a bit vulgar, but whatever it’s just words and imbedded anger. It’s a protest and his free speech.

    Regardless of religious beliefs, America is not a theocracy. If you want a Christian education for you children, then you need to either homeschool them, or send them to a religious / alternative school. Our founding fathers put separation of church and state for a very good reason. That said, they also allowed you to worship as you please.
    Most of the founding fathers were freemasons. They were not saints.

    I realize how strong religious convictions can be, but the constitution is not the place for them. This is America, not Iran. If you start writing dogmatic discrimination into the constitution, you defeat the purpose of the constitution.

  30. Matthew, how are you so certain about what Jesus Christ would think of today’s loving, committed same-sex couples? Yes, the Bible appears to condemn homosexual sex (though see my earlier post for links to alternate interpretations of those passages). But Jesus himself never said anything one way or the other about homosexuality or people in homosexual relationships.

    Or did he? You may not know about the alternate translation of the story of the centurion found in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. In most English translations of the Bible, the centurion comes to Jesus asking him to heal his “servant”. The word in the original Greek text is “παις” (pais), which can indeed mean “servant”, but literally means “boy” or “young man”. Also, in many other Greek texts of the same period, it refers to the younger partner in a male homosexual relationship. It is highly possible that when the centurion spoke of his “servant who was dear unto him” (Luke 7:2, KJV), that he was referring to what today we might call his boyfriend.

    Consider what that might mean. If the Centurion was indeed in a homosexual relationship, then by the standards of first century Israel, he was not only a gentile, but he was engaged in an “abomination”, as many translations of Leviticus put it. Yet Jesus does not condemn him, or tell him to “stop his lifestyle”. Instead, he heals the servant/boy/beloved at a distance, and says to the assembled crowd, “I tell you, I have not found such faith, even in Israel.”

    Jesus’ love is wider than we can imagine, and does not condemn. Consider the possibility that His love may allow for committed same-sex relationships, and that the Levitical prohibitions against homosexual activity are as irrelevant to modern Christianity as the prohibitions against cutting the hair at one’s temples, or eating shellfish, or wearing cloth of mixed fibers. All of those were historically forbidden to the people of Israel, and considered as “תועבה” (to’ebah), ritually unclean or impure. Yet in Acts 10:9-16, God tells Peter in a dream, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” The dream explicitly says that the ritual elements of the Mosaic law do not apply to Christians. I, and many other Christians, believe that God does not condemn “the homosexual lifestyle” any more than he condemns the eating of shellfish or the wearing of cotton/polyester blends.

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  32. Jesus loves you, Matthew.

    If you pray for forgiveness, and open your heart I am certain you will see the error of your ways.

    I feel you want to do the right thing, but have just been deceived.

    I’ll keep praying for you.

  33. I find it interesting that Matthew interprets the open prayer of someone who believes differently than himself to be ‘mocking’ him.

    Even hurtful?

    Huh.. I wonder if this is unique to Matthew and his feelings?

  34. Uh, Matthew..
    That wasn’t the point. Despite the fact that our group outnumbered yours by a large margin, we remained civil. And despite your claims, none of the people around me at the protest or on this website noted any incidents of rudeness towards NOM. However, your much smaller group could not keep several of its members from running over to our side and cursing at us.

  35. One would have to wonder why comments that don’t meet the standard of the whole need to be delete or remove. Delete comments creates an uneven debate period.

  36. might I remind Matthew and Jerry (and anti-gay et al.) that pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. Your smugness in your self realized moral superiority could be seen as pride. But who am I to say? Judge not lest ye be judged, right.

    …and before any one of the self-righteous responds commenting on Gay “Pride”, I’d like to point out that Gay Pride is a celebration of diversity in the human condition, not a celebration of superiority of one’s self. It was designed to raise our self-esteem in the face of those who would drive us back into the closets and deny the way we were born.

    keep coming with the smugness… My God will judge me when I die, as will yours. When you judge me, you’re usurping God’s power… think about that a bit.

    one last comment, the Bible might be thought of as the word of God. but it was written by wholly fallible humans, with their own morals/dislikes and emotions… MANY years after Christ was gone. Ponder this, what if you’re wrong? What if God DID create us this way, in His image? Was He wrong, or the person who actually wrote the version of the Bible you use to condemn us?

  37. Jeff,

    All I have to stay to this is what does the bible say? Your comment, I say this lovingly, is your own speculation and your refusal to do what God wants you to do. Truly in your own words you have said what you want instead of stepping out on faith, the basis of what christianity is all about, faith. Many of you look on at Leviticus as the sole basis of christians anti gay lifestyle. But lets take a look at Romans and see what the Paul said about gays
    “because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion” (Romans 1:26-27

    Lets see what also Paul wrote about sexual sin to those who do not partake in it. I want everyone to know that there are nearly every translation I could find

    KJV Know ye



    the unrighteous shall


    the kingdom

    of God










    abusers of themselves with mankind

    “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders” 1 Corinthians 6:9 NIV

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexual partners, 1 practicing homosexuals, 2
    1 Corinthians 6:9 NIV

    NASB ©

    1Co 6:9

    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
    NLT ©

    1Co 6:9

    Don’t you know that those who do wrong will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals,
    MSG ©

    1Co 6:9

    Don’t you realize that this is not the way to live? Unjust people who don’t care about God will not be joining in his kingdom. Those who use and abuse each other, use and abuse sex,
    BBE ©

    1Co 6:9

    Have you not knowledge that evil-doers will have no part in the kingdom of God? Have no false ideas about this: no one who goes after the desires of the flesh, or gives worship to images, or is untrue when married, or is less than a man, or makes a wrong use of men,
    NRSV ©


    Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites.

    Greek Version!

    ouk oidate oti adikoi yeou basileian ou klhronomhsousin mh planasye pl
    anasye oute pornoi oute eidwlolatrai oute moicoi oute
    malakoi oute arsenokoitai


    There it is ladies and gentlemen, I say this in love, but your life style is a sexual sin. It is lust and you must turn from it! Other wise you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Those of you who think that you are doing Gods will, or think that you can be gay and still be a christian are, I am sorry, cannot be. Christs say let he take up his cross and follow me. He that loses his life will save it and and he who saves his life will lose it. If youthink you’re different and think you have to be this way guess what you don’t have to God loves you and wants to see the best for your life, all you have to do is let him. If you were sexually abuse as a child it’s not your fault, if you didn’t have lovng parents it’s not you’re fault. God still loves you! God wants the best for you, but I tell you in your own human understanding trying to not believe because you want this lifestyle is your sin that you must let go.

    You forget that GOD HIMSELF chose Paul as his
    messenger to the gentiles, to spread his word after Christ had died on the cross. God knew exactly what Paul needed to say and signed off on it on what he said.

    Those of you who still profess to believe in the bible but want this life style all of these verses say they same thing. YOU MUST STOP. In conslusion I say all of these things not in a malice way nor do I say it in hatered toward you. I DO NOT HATE YOU! I want to see the best for you because God wants to see the best for you. I am sinner just like you. However, I have turned from my sins,turn from yours please If I am to hate something I hate your life style because God hates you lifestyle. Turn from it now please before it’s to late.

  38. Matthew and Jerry. I pity you. You speak filth of those you do not know and use twisted and uneducated versions of scripture to back up your hate. Your poor sick idiots.

    I only have one question for you. Whose God are you speaking for and does this God know what you are doing? My God is a God of love. Obviously yours is a different kind of God.

    I am incredibly thankful that we live in a nation that protects us from people like you who would round us up like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

  39. Ummm Keith,

    First of all I am not a German, nor did I say that I hate you. I do not wish to kill you, or cleanse the world of you. But scripture is scripture, and you life style is a sin, and if you don’t repent of it then I feel truly pity you. And if you say you believe it then you have to accept all of it rather than what you want.

  40. Let’s not be ridiculous — same-sex marriage should be legal, and all of you bigots should go to hell.

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