From Fox 8 WGHP:

An anti-bullying advocate spoke to students at Wake Forest University Law School Friday. Jamie Nabozny was the first to successfully sue a school district for not preventing bullying.

Nabozny spoke to Wake Forest law students about his personal experience with childhood bullying.

“It started off verbally and escalated into more and more violent episodes.” Nabozny said.

Nabozny, who is openly gay, says the harassment began in the 7th grade and lasted through high school. He transferred schools and attempted suicide several times before running away from home. One year after he would have graduated from Ashland High School in Wisconsin, Nabozny filed lawsuits against the school district and three administrators for not stopping the abuse.

2 replies on “Plaintiff in first anti-gay school bullying case speaks at WFU”

  1. This is absolutely crazy! Why would you openly go through this? Attempted suicide? That makes no sense…this boy could have lost his life all for the sake of saying “I’m gay”…God please help him. And I pray no other students do anything like this; it’s not worth it. It’s not denying who you think you are, it’s being safe. It’s making smart decisions…Nabozny, I was bullyed in middle school and high school but I didn’t wear a sign “pick on me” or “harass me because I am different from you.”

    Please don’t advocate this to anyone–it’s not a win situation. He lost out big because of this…again, was it really worth it?

  2. Rachel… Are you saying gay kids should stay in the closet? I would agree, if they are in situations that are not safe, but many schools and other institutions are getting safer and safer for LGBT people — especially in North Carolina where state law now recognizes sexual orientation and gender identity in anti-bullying law. I understand appeals to safety, but I’m uncomfortable with telling kids to live a life of fear and solitude. I think there are plenty of studies proving that being open and honest with yourself and family/friends results in a happier, healthier existence.

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