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Many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community are giving serious consideration to leaving the United States. Some already have. Others, who aren’t in a position to make such a move, grow fearful as hundreds of anti-LGBTQ+ laws roll out of state legislatures across the country, practically on a daily basis.

Leaving the US behind

By David Aaron Moore

Violence, politics, safety concerns make some LGBTQ Americans consider life abroad. We’ve talked to some who already have made the move, others who are in the process and some who are giving it consideration. 

Read these stories and see if you find points of self-recognition mixed among these words. Then ask yourself: what about me? Would I, or should I leave my country if I could, and where would I go? […]

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Incident at Bar 316 mobilizes LGBTQ Community to action

Verbal harassment and humiliation aimed at a drag performer of color exploded live and on stage June 17 […]

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The Juno Show comes to town

A British drag diva known as Juno Birch, who boasts a huge global following, is just about to kick off a tour of America and will be coming to Charlotte for a performance at the Blumenthal August 6 […]

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People and their pets

In the LGBTQ+ community, the most recent Harris Interactive survey confirms that an estimated 70 percent of adults in our community have pets living with them in their homes […]

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 Checking in with Charlotte Black Pride

In this month’s column, Charlotte Pride passes the baton to Rell Lowery to talk about some of the exciting events that Charlotte Black Pride has coming up this year […]

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Introducing Ashley Mozingo

Success coach and journalist joins Qnotes as Advertising and Partnerships Account Executive

What better way to get to know Ashley than a round of 20 Questions […]

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