As a dedicated reader of GLBT online newspapers, including yours [qnotes],  I’m amazed by how endlessly hateful and intolerant the reporting is on the Republican Party [in some papers].

There is a new day for gay people in the GOP.

Consider this:

The Republican National Committee has removed all anti-gay planks from their 2016 national platform.

The lead attorney, who won the California and USSC [United States Supreme Court] cases that declared bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional, was George W. Bush’s former evangelical right-wing solicitor general, Ted Olsen. Yet, Mr. Olsen’s name is never mentioned in the gay press.

GOP senators from Illinois,  West Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire, as well as the Koch Brothers, signed amicus briefs to the USSC in support of gay marriage. So did over 300 other influential conservative Republicans, former cabinet members and senior staffers to GOP senators and U.S. representatives, as well as those serving powerful Republican state legislators, according to TIME Magazine.

GOP Govs. Rick Snyder (Michigan) and Chris Christie (New Jersey) dropped their opposition to gay marriage.  Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman supported legal same-sex marriage. Tennessee Gov. and Chair of the Republican Governors Association Bill Haslam now supports marriage for us and so does Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

Sen. Rand Paul has advocated for estate rights for gay couples.

Tammy Bruce, an avowed lesbian and top ranked conservative talk show host for Los Angeles KABC-AM, is also the deputy editor of the conservative Washington Times, as well as a regular panel host for women of the televised Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

No GOP Congress has ever cut AIDS funding.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott selected an openly gay man as his chief economic development adviser. Mr. Scott also appointed the president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Miami to the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.

And Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner joined New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in banning conversion therapy.

When the Light is shining in, the gay press should not keep their readers in the dark.

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  1. The GOP killed the Equality Act nationally, killed the employment nondiscrimination bill in North Carolina while also making it legal for public employees to discriminate against LGBT people seeking marriage licenses from government agencies this year after only a few short years ago amending the state constitution to say gay people are less than with amendment one. In NC they even amended public school sex ed to allow in more religious based, often anti-gay teachings.

    Their presidential candidates are falling all over themselves for public events along side Kim Davis. Kasich is in someways the least regressive of the GOP presidential candidates, and that’s not because he supports marriage equality, he’s against it, but he probably wouldn’t repeal it as president. I don’t trust any of them at the head of the executive branch in picking Supreme Court justices, in making sure LGBT folks get social security benefits, heck in even making sure we get counted in the census. All of the Democratic candidates for President support marriage equality and the Equality Act.

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