The North Carolina Republican Party named Kami Mueller as their new communications director on Monday, June 20. She previously worked with the N.C. Values Coalition and the KeepNCSafe Coalition, two groups working against the Charlotte LGBT non-discrimination ordinance and for HB2.

Mueller also formerly worked as Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest’s Director of Communications.

It appears the N.C. GOP are looking to double down on their anti-LGBT sentiment with this hire.

Her work history is cause enough for concern for the LGBT and ally community, and a look at her public Facebook profile will not help calm any fears.

In fact, she appears to think jokes comparing transgender people with animals is cause for great laughter and amusement.

Below are some examples of her social media presence.

Kami Mueller
Via Kami Mueller’s Facebook.

Trivializing transgender lives by comparing them to her cat thinking she is a dog. Hilarious!

Kami Mueller NC GOP
Via Mueller’s Facebook.

Mueller shared this post, from conservative blogger Matt Walsh, criticizing Target for allowing trans people to use the bathrooms matching their gender identity.

It is more of the “transgender people are confused and are basically like people who think they are a different species of animal” logic. Also notice the definition of transgender women as “men who identify as women” and the apparent confusion around the difference between a cross-dresser and a transgender person. You can read the full post here.

Kami Mueller transphobe
Via Mueller’s Facebook.

She also shared this satirical article titled “Transgender Dog Unsure Which Tree To Pee On.” Because when you are actively working to make the lives of transgender people more difficult every day, as they try to navigate a hostile world, what’s funnier than comparing them to a dog shunned by other dogs for relieving itself on the wrong tree?

But don’t worry, trans people of the world, Mueller’s little blessed heart breaks for you. It is just that she does not think you actually exist and feels the need to erase your identity.

kami mueller LGBT
Via Mueller’s Facebook page.
Kami Mueller anti-trans
Via Mueller’s Facebook page.

Mueller is apparently quite proud of her status as an anti-LGBT activist.

She also thinks Beyoncé is a racist.

Kami Mueller HB2
Via Mueller’s Facebook page.

And that Obama is a tyrant.

Kami Mueller Obama
Via Mueller’s Facebook page.

Also, global warming, or climate change, is not real in Kamiland because sometimes it snows.

Kami Mueller global warming denier
Via Mueller’s Facebook page.

Why take into account the overwhelming majority of climate scientists who say that climate change is real when you can stick to what your gut is telling you?

After digging into her views, one imagines Mueller and the current North Carolina Republican Party will get along just fine.

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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  1. This woman knows nothing about the scientific facts surrounding Trans people. To ignore science and embrace ignorance does not a wise woman make.

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