Season’s greetings, kids! Here we are with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah behind us and Christmas and Kwanzaa and the New Year coming at us fast. And. never forget to add in Miss Della’s birthday in there, too. My older (never old) ass was 46 on the 18th. Oh boy, what trouble was I able to find to welcome another year? Let’s see!

Miss NC America
Ariel Nicole Knight Addams

Our promo this time is of our Miss NC America, Ariel Nicole Knight Addams. I chose to honor Ariel because, as you know, she was the first in ages to win Miss NC on her very first attempt and she was the first Miss NC in more than a decade to crack the coveted Top 10 at the national contest, Miss Gay America. She will be in Charlotte during the holidays and I, for one, can’t wait to welcome her back. She hosted a fundraiser at Scorpio on Dec. 16 for the community and y’all know me and fundraisers. I hope I can make it and congratulate her on doing something for others and not focusing on “self” all the time. Selfish people, beat it!

Speaking of Miss Gay America, I was just reading Sally Sparkles’ newsletter on the MGA website where she was talking about her first appearance as MGA at Club Pink in Monroe, La. Sounds like she had a great, emotional and fun time her first time out with her new crown. Can’t wait to see her back this way. Who knows? Maybe she will give up her crown in NC over in the fall? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Many of you know the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” cruise has just taken place. My friend Kevin Long went and will have tea and pics for Miss Della as soon as he gets back to Charlotte by way of Ft. Lauderdale. I can hardly wait to hear about the carryings-on. I know for the show this next season, I’m going to be in heaven! Three former national titleholders are on there and two good friends among them. Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese will be joined by the diva, Roxxy Andrews. And, then I’m told it’s rumored that this will be the last season? Saywhat!?

I have to chuckle — my good sis Tajma Hall and I were just chatting about the the kids who go on that show sometime and although we know the three aforementioned know better, some of those girls who tour wouldn’t know real drag if it hit them in the dance belt. Tajma has a new mantra for all the girls touring, making the thousands, while national titleholders have to deal with $250 a night and a hotel room if they’re lucky: “No lashes, No Nails? No Ma’am.” Memorize this and incorporate it, as there will be a pop quiz on Monday. Ha!

The holidays remind me how much good food comes around and the conversation that comes with it. I forgot many moons ago to thank Kerri Nichols and Billy the artist formerly known as Buffy DeMareau for treating an old gal to dinner at Savor on Morehead. We were judging a contest that night and we had a grand time catching up. I just did dinner with Angela Lopez several weeks ago and I loved being with that child, too, to catch up after her trip back to Miss America and find out what’s going on “on the scene.” She was about to take part in a fundraiser herself that I need to get more details on. It involved those affected by Hurricane Sandy in NYC. Then I see Angela and all the gang at Macy Alexander’s Christmas party in her new South Charlotte home. Wow! She and her hubby Jason must be living right. It was my pleasure to accompany Tiffany Storm and her friend André. We bumped into Amber Rochelle, Mahogany St. James (my sweet friend for many years), Brooke Divine Storm-LaReese, Kristina DeeVine, Felicia Monet, Detra Panucci, Kiana Lane and more. I always look forward to Macy’s party, especially after they had to skip last year. Speaking of Kristina (who is the Miss SC U.S.ofA. right now), she has a new gig now at Chaser’s on Tuesday nights, I think it is? Let me get back with you on what they’ll exactly be doing and what the theme is? I’m sure it’s something like Blondie and the Boys. Yumm! Where’s that little delicious Romeo?

Why don’t we discuss a few prelims, the original purpose of this column? LOL! News is scarce this go ‘round, but I can mention three prelims to Miss NC EOY this time: Onyx Jade Addams is the new Miss Winston-Salem with runner-up Dy’Mond Cartier; Miss Dragula is Phil Voila with RU Celyndra Clyne; and Aurora Scott Carlisle is the new Miss Starstruck. More tea later, ya hear?

Before I sign off, let me remind you what I said at the beginning. Let the holidays remind you of thinking of others, some who are troubled or less fortunate and let the holiday season move you away from a place of “me,” and towards a place of “we.” None of us are in this game of life by ourselves unless we choose to be. On the other side of that, make sure others feel like they can count on you, too, in a time of need. With that, please pray for folks in our bigger community who are going through it at this time: our first Miss NC America Brandy Alexander/Danny who recently had serious surgery and is recovering; former Miss Continental PLUS Coco Van Cartier who also just had emergency surgery; Marcus Sumner, the better or other half of Chelsea Pearl (former Miss Damn Everything) who also had surgery and is in physical therapy; and finally, still sending out best wishes to Chevelle Brooks who had surgery earlier in the year. And, while you’re at it, you can say a prayer for my mommy who’s in the hospital and having a rough go of it! : :

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