It won’t be long before it’s completely routine for Kennith Chrismon, a recent Charlotte transplant, to be told by complete strangers: “I know you from somewhere, but I don’t know where from.” No worries, it happens to all White Rabbit employees.

Kennith moved here in August from Elkin, N.C. He came to be with his partner Chris and attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. When he’s not working at the store, doing homework or working out, he says he likes to read, play video games and learn about computers.

He also loves to draw and create art — something he’s currently learning to do digitally. Kennith says his dream job would be to work as a computer illustrator at Pixar. For now, though, he says he’s happy meeting Charlotte’s LGBT community one customer at a time at White Rabbit.

He explains, “I love that I meet new people every day that I’m there. It’s also the first job where I’m promoting things that I use and enjoy myself. Plus, I love looking at the mural every day. It’s just a great place to be with an excellent group of people to be around.”

Would you rather have a madcap adventure with the ladies of “The Golden Girls,” “Sex and the City” or “Hot In Cleveland”?

Definitely the ladies of “Hot in Cleveland.” I love Betty White!

What is your favorite deep fried food?

I’m gonna have to go with pickles. It’s got to be the chips, though, not the spears. That’s very important!

Where would you most like to spend a year outside of the U.S.?

I would love to go to Paris. I would enjoy seeing all of the art. Plus, watching “The Devil Wears Prada” made it seem even more fabulous!

What would be the order of dominance in an S&M scene featuring Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris and Rep. Barney Frank?

Neil Patrick Harris would be the most dominant if he is anything like his character on “How I Met Your Mother.” Anderson was a little shy just dancing with Kelly Ripa, so I would rank him last. That leaves Rep. Frank to be the monkey-in-the-middle, I guess.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Purple Rain” “This Is Spinal Tap,” “The Wall”?

Hahaha, I haven’t seen any of those movies! I’m tempted to watch the Katy Perry movie though.

What was your favorite winter activity growing up?

Skipping school when it snowed, of course. Sledding was fun, too — although we used inner tubes back where I’m from.

How many times a day, on average, do you use hand sanitizer?

Barely any if I am at home. I use it frequently at work, though, particularly after touching the used magazines and money.

How long has it been since you were in a tanning bed?

It’s probably been around seven or eight months. I’d rather be out by the pool sunbathing when it’s warm enough.

What’s your favorite thing to drink when it’s cold outside?

I love white hot chocolate when it’s cold outside. My sister and I used to drink it almost daily when we lived together.

Do you have any superstitious habits?

Hmmm, I can’t think of any. I get a little paranoid and have to lock my bedroom door at night, though.

Are there any pieces of workout equipment in your home?

One of my roommates has a few things. Nothing big, though, cause we all go to the gym almost every day.

How sexy are Tom of Finland’s drawings, using a 1-10 scale?

Definitely a 10! I love the ones of big hairy men!

Have you ever been in the cab of an 18-wheeler?

Yes, I have. My grandparents were truck drivers. My grandpa is the most perverted person I know; I believe half of it comes from his experiences on the road. LOL!

Can you walk in high heels?

I crossdressed for Halloween when I was about 10. I didn’t have any trouble then, but I don’t know about now.

Banana sandwich, banana pudding or banana split?

I just started eating bananas about three months ago. I haven’t tried them on a sandwich or with ice cream, but I do like banana pudding.

What party or board game do you hate to play?

They’ve all gotten pretty boring unless they involve drinking. Bonus: No one loses during a drinking game!

Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian of all time?

I could watch Katt Williams every day. He’s the only person I’ve ever found funny as a stand-up comedian.

Have you ever attended a clothing-optional event?

Not yet, but I’m sure I will eventually. LOL!

Do you own a cast iron skillet?

I don’t, but my mother does and those are my favorite to cook with.

Which LGBT person is our best goodwill ambassador?

Ellen DeGeneres, she is awesome and hilarious. I love watching her show — especially when she gets guys to take their clothes off. : :

David Stout

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