Daniel Radcliffe is in Out magazine ahead of the final “Harry Potter” movie (the first of two parts will be released in Novemeber). Radcliffe talks with trans singer-songwriter Our Lady J about his love of New York, politics on both sides of the pond and his love life.

Among other shows of support for the LGBT community, Radcliffe has filmed public service announcements for the Trevor Project, an organization which operates a 24/7 LGBT youth suicide prevention lifeline. Radcliffe explains his involvement with the group:

My family and I have always thought it was best to focus our efforts rather than kind of spreading ourselves too thin across a lot of different organizations — just really picking things that you care about and really, really believe in, and Trevor absolutely was one of them. And when I got to have a tour of the New York call center, my admiration for the projects, but also for the place and the people, tripled. The systems they have in place, the actual way the call center works on a practical level, is so brilliant and efficient. It’s something I’m very, very proud to be able to be involved with.

Tyler DeVere is a former editorial intern for QNotes.