In case you’re not already tired of the same old baseless discriminatory bigotry, check out the below video taken at Tuesday’s National Organization for Marriage “rally” (if a 25-person gathering can be called that) in Raleigh.

So I checked out the Ruth Institute‘s website and I wasn’t surprised to immediately find the NOM logo displayed at the top of the page. Here’s the science without the bias, from Ellen Perrin, Tufts School of Medicine professor of pediatrics: “If there is a problem with being a child in a family made up of same-sex parents, it doesn’t come from the child or the family but from the society around them.”

Of course, I also wouldn’t be surprised to find that the NOM supporters would diminish this research as the work of liberal universities, much as Conservapedia does Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity: “Despite censorship of dissent about relativity, evidence contrary to the theory is discussed outside of liberal universities.”

Tyler DeVere is a former editorial intern for QNotes.