Nothing is ever Gov. McCrory’s fault. If there is anything he enjoys more than flying our state into the cliffs, it is claiming someone else made him do it.

He has repeatedly tried to blame the Charlotte City Council for their supposed “overreach” in providing equal protection to the LGBT community, also known as pulling us out of the dark ages, claiming it forced his hand and made him sign one of the most overreaching bills in state history, HB2.

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It isn’t his fault we have lost countless conventions, concerts, jobs and now the 2017 NBA All-Star Game.

Sure, all of those came as a direct result of his signing HB2 into law, but they MADE him do it! If it were up to him, we would all just have kept on quietly discriminating against an entire class of people and everything would have been fine and dandy.

In his latest display, McCrory reportedly heckled the only openly gay member of the North Carolina General Assembly, Representative Chris Sgro, telling him, “Congrats, you got what you wanted.”

He also apparently made it clear to Sgro that he has no intentions of a public debate on the issue.

Sgro spoke with INDY about the bizarre exchange.

“The governor was on Charlotte Talks this morning,” Sgro said. “He was just spouting a tremendous amount of mistruths in Charlotte’s role in losing the All-Star game and safety and security…so I went over to his press conference, and then he moved the press conference to a secure location that I didn’t have access to.”

The interaction between the two, described in his tweets, then took place, he said.

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“No one got what they wanted, and the fault is with the governor,” Sgro added. “If the governor is going to continue to spread false information about HB2 and its impacts, as well as what happened with the All-Star Game, when he knows very well that it’ll move to a city with the protections Charlotte had, he owes a conversation to the LGBT community. And that’s something that needs to happen soon.”

McCrory’s official response to the loss of the 2017 NBA All-Star Game is another example of his lame attempts to pass the buck:

The sports and entertainment elite, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the liberal media have for months misrepresented our laws and maligned the people of North Carolina simply because most people believe boys and girls should be able to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers without the opposite sex present. Twenty-one other states have joined North Carolina to challenge the federal overreach by the Obama administration mandating their bathroom policies in all businesses and schools instead of allowing accommodations for unique circumstances. Left-wing special interest groups have no moral authority to try and intimidate the large majority of American parents who agree in common-sense bathroom and shower privacy for our children. American families should be on notice that the selective corporate elite are imposing their political will on communities in which they do business, thus bypassing the democratic and legal process.

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This is not leadership. This is a sad temper tantrum from a defeated politician who needs to start taking responsibility for the dumpster fire he is turning North Carolina into with each successive month he is allowed to call himself our governor.

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

Jeff Taylor is a journalist and artist. In addition to QNotes, his work has appeared in publications such The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing Charlotte, Inside Lacrosse, and McSweeney’s Internet...

19 replies on “Gov. McCrory heckles only openly gay member of the NCGA over loss of NBA All-Star Game”

  1. WOW…is there a medical condition that we don’t know of? This is just completely baffling. I cannot even imagine how you become this much of a bigot.

    Shaking My Head…

  2. Does this guy even have a shred of integrity?
    A local government decided to experiment with making the lives of its citizens better, affecting no one outside it’s borders. And he decides to bulldoze over it with one-size-fits-all laws and acts surprised that it backfires in his face.
    If he had the interests of the state in his heart, he would resign.

    But he lingers on as a reminder of the chief shortcoming such governance provides: the sapping of local initiative and the universalization of failure. Since he won’t admit his mistakes, he won’t learn from them. North Carolina will have to yank him out of office by the hair of his neck and start all over.

  3. How did this buffoon ever get enough votes to become governor? Responsiblity probably falls on the majority of voting citizens who allowed this miscreant into office

    1. Because Democats in Banktown loved. Look at the percentages from the election

      Obama got 66%
      McCrory 50%, but he should have received 33%

      Fuzzy math to Charlotte bankers I guess.

  4. Still don’t disagree! Why should children be in locker rooms or bathrooms with the opposite sex? Why should big business rule our lives?! Why is that fair?

    1. I am in complete an total agreement with your posting on here it falls on the responsibility of those states voters to make sure those never ever happens aging in those state .throw the entire state republican respresentuves out of office those coming November’s election

    2. @Nina, businesses (big or small) have the right to move their business where ever they want. If they want to move because of discriminatory laws or the climate or because of tax issues they have the freedom to do that.
      As a consumer you have the freedom to not watch television or follow sports and vote with your dollars. Pretty simple.

    3. Where do you think transgender students have been going to the bathroom ever since schools began? And how many problems have there been? ZERO

      1. If that is the case (which I agree it probably is) why did Jennifer Roberts need to enact a law? This was pure and simple, Jennifer Roberts paying off supporters of her campaign.

  5. @Nina There are a number of transgendered high school athletes that their schools are very proud of, many of which will get college scholarships. Their states didn’t have backwards thinking legislatures obviously. HB2 does so much damage to the freedom of NC residents that has nothing to do with bathrooms. Right wingers made it about bathrooms using social issues as a wedge in an election year. If Charlotte had waited a year or so you would not have heard a peep from Raleigh but the bigots are worried about their re-election and their crooked off-shore accounts.
    @Lee you are correct, these are the exact behaviors of an abuser, blaming the abuse on the abused. It has become embarrassing to admit I grew up here.

  6. 1.. The bathroom issue is a smokescreen. Read the other parts of this law to truly understand why people really hate it.

    2.. If the governor is such a big fan of this law why did he sign executive orders changing it almosr immediately after signing it?

  7. Wow, is this why he passed the bill in the middle of the night, with no discussion?
    “American families should be on notice that the selective corporate elite are imposing their political will on communities in which they do business, thus bypassing the democratic and legal process.”

  8. In 1997 McCrory won Charlottes mayor with 77%.

    This guy was created by Charlotte Democrats

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