The GOP is just not that into you, Log Cabin Republicans, and they never will be no matter how hard you try.

But they continue to try, in spite of the Republican party continuing to go hard against LGBT rights. We achieved same-sex marriage in this country against the best efforts of Republicans and now are on the receiving end of an avalanche of anti-LGBT bills thanks to conservatives. Yet the Log Cabin Republicans press on, sitting at the table no one wants them at, trying to gain respect that never comes.

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The party has once again thumbed their noses at their handful of gay members by passing what the Log Cabin Republicans are calling the most anti-LGBT platform in party history. They followed that up by adding far right Governor Mike Pence to the ticket.

But the Log Cabin Republicans aren’t taking it lying down!

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They released a statement condemning the platform and placed an full page ad in USA TODAY to express their disgust that the party they so love would act the way it has all along.

Seriously, guys, how many times do they have to tell you?

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