In planning for the Oct. 2 print edition, which hits the streets tonight and tomorrow, I made the decision to print a web comment concerning current Pride Charlotte co-chair and former Charlotte Gay & Lesbian Center chair Denise Palm-Beck. The comment was a direct insult to Denise and, upon further consideration, was inappropriate for publication in our print edition’s “TalkBack” section, which regularly features letters to the editor and user/reader comments from our website.

I have reached out to Denise and offered her my personal apologies. Here, I apologize again to readers who might have been offended by my decision to publish the comment.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

5 replies on “From the editor, a mea culpa”

  1. I don’t think so, if we as a group can’t make comments about members of our own community they we have fail in the equality dept. We each have our own opinions on many issues within our community, which I sure you know…

    This Person might know something that they didn’t share. To say it was wrong for a talk-back section then you should simply remove the section, and quite our opinions and our community voices.

  2. Yet you let the backlash continue endlessly on the Club cub article. I guess we see who Q-Notes is in bed with.

  3. KJ and SNT – I don’t think this guy was saying the comment was inappropriate, per se but that it was inappropriate for him to put it in the print edition. And, if you’d take the time to notice, all the web comments are still up, on Pride Charlotte and Wooftease articles. So, he isn’t saying people can’t have their say but that he should have just let it stay where it was and out of the print edition.

  4. But I should add that I do agree with SNT a bit – the editor needs to come up with a better way of choosing which comments he’s gonna put in that talk back section.

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