If you’re a regular reader of qnotes, then you’ve likely already noticed some slight changes in the last couple of issues, particularly in our layout. In the next few issues, we’ll be changing up a few small things here and there. We’re always trying new things and figuring out new ways to keep our publication fresh and exciting. This new column is just one small part of that change.

“For Mature Audiences Only” will bring you new, exciting and — ahem — adult-friendly and fun reading. Yes, we admit it: We are indulging ourselves, and hope you get to indulge yourself a bit, too. Have suggestions for “adult-friendly” content? Have feedback or comments? Do you just hate this idea? (Although we hope you’ll give it a chance.) Email us and let us know: matureaudiences@goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com.

You mean they can read?

Porn filmmakers and real-life couple Cole Maverick and Hunter, popular on Xtube and other amateur sites for their bareback, three-way adventures with young and cute twinks, have written a book, available now in e-book format and out Oct. 31 in print. “Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos” puts the couple’s experiences into written form. The two have published a risqué video trailer for the book. Unfortunately, we can’t go into details here — it’s all very not safe for work, or print for that matter. You can, however, look them up on your own (maverickman22 is their username on Xtube). Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Having fun now?

Nineteen-year-old Brit lad Kelz Sutherland managed to pocket a cool $135,000 from 10 older, male victims after chatting with them on phone sex lines, getting them to talk about their fantasies of sex with teens and blackmailing them by threatening to report them to police. Now, a court has sentenced the young man to 45 months in prison. We wonder, how many older men will he be able to victimize there, or have the tables finally turned?