Happy New Year! You know what that means — resolutions time! Many of us will make resolutions to become more fit or to start a more healthy lifestyle. It’s tough work, though, and many of us will fail to see those resolutions through the entire year. The good news is that you can start living more healthy with easy steps and tips.

We contacted three personal trainers and a weight-loss physician to give you a leg up on your new year health-minded goals. The trainers offer some easy and simple workout routines you can work into your ongoing or new exercise regimen. Some of the workout sets require nothing but your body and your determination. Others require simple equipment, like resistence bands or smaller dumbbells, which can be purchased cheaply at just about any retail store carrying sporting goods equipment.

Many thanks to Petro Martynyuk and Britney Greenwood (contact them both via online forms at charlotteathleticclub.com) and qnotes advertiser John Magers (life-fit.biz) for taking the time to write up their routines and pose for our feature.

Petro Martynyuk


Ukrainian born and raised, Petro Martynyuk is a certified personal trainer, health coach, TRX suspension training group instructor and a proud co-owner of a Charlotte based (USA made) clean sports nutrition company Eat The Bear (etbfit.com) and fitness and healthy lifestyle brand Petro Fitness (petrofitness.com). Petro is a strong advocate of a holistic approach to personal training and nutrition. He believes in gradually achieving results by making small changes to our lifestyles, rather than expecting overnight results from fad diets and workout gimmicks. Only by making the right fundamental lifestyle changes can you produce real and lasting results. He trains his clients at Charlotte Athletic Club (charlotteathleticclub.com) in Uptown Charlotte and is available for private consultations.

The routine is designed to hit all major muscle groups and get the beginner to a good start fitness wise. To modify or make any of the exercises more advanced, one can adjust the time or amount of resistance used.

Routine: Repeat 3 times with 2 minute rest between each round.

Rest 30-45 seconds between each exercise.

Warm-up: 5-10 min Jog

Superset 1: Body Weight Squats (1min) + Forward Lunges (1 min, alternate legs after 30 seconds)



Superset 2: Lateral Raises (1 min) + Upright Row with resistance bands (1 min)



Superset 3: Chest Flys (1 min) + Bicep Curls with resistance bands (1 min, alternating arms)



Superset 4: Push-ups (1 min) + Single Leg Hip Raises (1 min, alternating legs after 30 seconds)




Photos by Matt Comer. Special thanks to Charlotte Athletic Club and John Magers for shoot locations.