Happy New Year! You know what that means — resolutions time! Many of us will make resolutions to become more fit or to start a more healthy lifestyle. It’s tough work, though, and many of us will fail to see those resolutions through the entire year. The good news is that you can start living more healthy with easy steps and tips.

We contacted three personal trainers and a weight-loss physician to give you a leg up on your new year health-minded goals. The trainers offer some easy and simple workout routines you can work into your ongoing or new exercise regimen. Some of the workout sets require nothing but your body and your determination. Others require simple equipment, like resistence bands or smaller dumbbells, which can be purchased cheaply at just about any retail store carrying sporting goods equipment.

Many thanks to Britney Greenwood and Petro Martynyuk (contact them both via online forms at charlotteathleticclub.com) and qnotes advertiser John Magers (life-fit.biz) for taking the time to write up their routines and pose for our feature.

John Magers


John Magers and Life-Fit have been offering Personal Training and Yoga in Charlotte for over 10 years, primarily among the LGBT community. With a training studio located near uptown, John is easily accessible to the region and John has taught Yoga and Pilates classes for CPCC, Char/Meck schools, many churches, privately, at the LGBT Community Center, and at the YMCA. While Life-Fit celebrates its 10th year as a licensed business, all new clients can take $100 off any training package of more than three sessions, all year long.

Set 1: Side Lunges — (Glutes, Quads, Thighs; emphasizing Inner and Outer Thighs) Stand with hands on hips, feet a little more than hip-width apart and knees bent. Keep your upper body straight upright the entire time. With your right foot, take a big step out to the side and then kick back up to starting position. Do 8-12 Repetitions and then switch to the left leg. 1-3 Sets.



Set 2: Chair Dip — (Triceps, Chest and Shoulders) Using a chair or a bench, sit at the edge with your hands curled around the edge. Walk your feet out in front of you with arms fully extended. Inhaling, lower the body by bending the elbows until your upper arms are about parallel to the ground. As you exhale, press back up. These can be made harder by placing the feet on another chair or stability ball. 1-3 Sets. 8-12 Repetitions.



Set 3: Full Locust — These are excellent for anyone who suffers from lower back pain. Lie face-down on the floor with arms stretched out above your head. Tighten the core and lift the legs from the ground, trying not to bend the knees. At the same time, lift the upper body from the ground, reaching forward with the arms. Take several deep breaths, which may make you rock back and forth, and then with an exhalation, slower lower the body flat to the ground. Repeat 3-6 times.


Set 4: Ball-Jack-knife — (Most of the muscles in the body get work out of this one) Like a Plank with an added Ab crunch. In the push-up position, place your shins on a stability ball. Exhaling, squeeze the abs and pull the knees towards you chest, rolling the ball towards you . As you inhale, slowly roll the ball back out by straightening the legs. Be sure your core stays tight and the lower back never sags. 1-3 Sets. 10-20 Repetitions.



Photos by Matt Comer. Special thanks to Charlotte Athletic Club and John Magers for shoot locations.