Happy New Year! You know what that means — resolutions time! Many of us will make resolutions to become more fit or to start a more healthy lifestyle. It’s tough work, though, and many of us will fail to see those resolutions through the entire year. The good news is that you can start living more healthy with easy steps and tips.

We contacted three personal trainers and a weight-loss physician to give you a leg up on your new year health-minded goals. The trainers offer some easy and simple workout routines you can work into your ongoing or new exercise regimen. Some of the workout sets require nothing but your body and your determination. Others require simple equipment, like resistence bands or smaller dumbbells, which can be purchased cheaply at just about any retail store carrying sporting goods equipment.

Many thanks to Britney Greenwood and Petro Martynyuk (contact them both via online forms at charlotteathleticclub.com) and qnotes advertiser John Magers (life-fit.biz) for taking the time to write up their routines and pose for our feature.

Britney Greenwood


Britney Greenwood, who holds a degree in exercise science and exercise physiology, is certified in Pilates, TRX and corrective exercise. She has a dance background and competed as an NPC Figure Competitor in 2013. She teaches bootcamps, Pilates, Barre and TRX at the Charlotte Athletic Club.

5 & 5 in 30: Basically perform 5 repetitions of 1 of 5 exercises and see how many rounds you can perform in 30 mins!

Set 1: 5 Burpees




Set 2: 5 Lunge Jumps per leg


Set 3: 5 Deep Squats


Set 4: 5 Shoulder Press in Down Dog



Set 5: 5 Up-Up-Down-Down Planks (alternating lead arm after first five)





Photos by Matt Comer. Special thanks to Charlotte Athletic Club and John Magers for shoot locations.