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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte announced Wednesday evening that it had laid off its sole employee as the group continues to work toward resolving outstanding financial and governance issues.

Glenn Griffin was hired to become the center’s newest operations director last April, replacing outgoing O’Neale Atkinson, who now works as director of youth services at Time Out Youth Center.

“Due to the current financial status of the center, Glenn Griffin was regretfully laid off as the Director of Operations,” Center Chair Ranzeno Frazier said in a statement. “He has done great things for the center and the community during his tenure with us. We support him in his quest to seek other employment and he has expressed his continued support for the center. With great appreciation and gratitude, we wish Glenn much success. Thank you to the community for your continued support and understanding during this time.”

In May, it was revealed the center owed at least $7,000 in outstanding federal and state payroll taxes on Griffin’s salary. It’s not clear if those funds have yet been paid or if Griffin will be able to collect appropriate unemployment payments.

The center has been entangled in an ongoing struggle over finances, transparency and board accountability. In May, the center’s cash on hand had dwindled to $650.

The Charlotte Lesbian & Gay Fund, the group’s single-largest financial contributor, has said it will offer conditional support, giving the center approximately $3,000. The remainder of the total $19,950 grant award will be held “until certain financial and governance best practices have been established,” the fund has said.

Matt Comer

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  1. I wish that the community could have supported Glenn. Maybe some hearts will be touched and some financially blessed men and women might be able to step up and help.

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