CHARLOTTE, N.C. — City Council voted 6-3 on Wednesday night to move their consideration of an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination from their Feb. 23 meeting to a March 2 meeting at 6 p.m.

The motion came during a rescheduled City Council zoning meeting. Republican Kenny Smith made the motion after significant conversation. Several Council members aren’t expected to be able to attend the Feb. 23 meeting. Additionally, the number of citizen speakers signed up to speak — as many as 50 so far — could mean up two hours or more of citizen feedback to the Council.

A press statement from the city manager’s office said the move was made to “provide adequate time to hear all speakers.”

Democrats John Autry, David Howard and LaWana Mayfield voted against the motion. Democrats Al Austin and Vi Lyles were not present at the meeting.

The move comes as Council receives increased opposition to the ordinance, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity, among other characteristics, to four city non-discrimination ordinances. Advocacy by anti-LGBT groups in the city and state picked up steam on Monday, with messages to Council members opposing the ordinances by nearly eight to one on Monday.

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