CHARLOTTE — A message announcing yoga class cancellations turned into a bit of a controversy this week after the studio’s owner described snow closings as “gay.”

Tanner Bazemore, owner of Y2 Yoga located in the Cotswold shopping center, sent the message via email and Twitter, according to FOX Charlotte.

The message read, in part, “Greetings! I know it sounds gay, but we are definitely less gay across the bored (sic) when compared to CMS, BOA, etc, etc.” and “Closing completely because of some white stuff is being uber gay!”

At the end of the message, Bazemore included several disclaimers. In one, he said he was using “gay” as defined by “a generic insult. It can mean bad, stupid, whatever you want it to mean.”

In a second disclaimer, Bazemore said, “Y2 Yoga is in full support of whatever your sexual prowess might be: straight or homosexual (especially chicks… just kidding…. not kidding…. whatever…). Also, pedophiles be damned or at least contract Ebola die and painful and agonizingly slow death.”

Charlotteans have responded to the offensive email. Renae Elam, president of the Charlotte Business Guild, told FOX Charlotte, “All of the disclaimers at the end actually made the meat, or the body, of the email even worse than it was. The disclaimers were more offensive than the actual email itself. In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to use potentially offensive remarks in a business setting.”

On Twitter a community member said, “@Y2Yoga Are you 12 years old? Yoga has obviously brought you no enlightenment — only homophobia. How sad. Avoid this ignorant place!!!”

And a Y2 Yoga student also responded via Twitter: “I am gay and have always felt safe inside a yoga studio. Now…I feel as though my safety place of peace has been violated. I will be attending a different studio from here on.”

Bazemore has since apologized for his language. In an apology email, Bazemore said, “First apologies to anyone who took offense to my email last night. I take for granted that the things I say will always be received in the way in which I intended them to be and for some that was not the case. My intentions were light-hearted and I’m sorry if you did not receive it that way.”

He added, “As you can clearly see, that last night I was in no position to write that email as my head was up my own… butt. No more wine while writing drishtis!

Bazemore also sent FOX Charlotte a video message.

“I just want to say that there is a difference between Tanner the person and Y2 the yoga studio,” Bazemore told the station. “I’m deeply sorry for anyone that was offended by my email. While I might be a moron, I’m not a hurtful person.”

Following his apologies, Bazemore made a $1,000 donation to the It Gets Better Project.

The offensive email from Y2 Yoga is the latest in a recent string of anti-LGBT incidents in Charlotte. In late December, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James said “homosexuals are sexual predators” in an email to his commission colleagues and later compared LGBT people to prostitutes and pedophiles. The county commission later adopted a resolution denouncing such language.

Last week, The Charlotte Observer reported on a bar spat in which employees of Uptown’s Dixie Tavern told a couple, “Good, we don’t want to serve lesbians here anyway.” The manager of that business has also apologized.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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  1. Evidence that bigotry propagated by public officials does filter out and can be construed by some as perfectly reasonable speech. And it spreads around the community in a variety of ways.

  2. As usual the gay newspapers, and bloggers goes after str8 folks, company when they use the term “that’s gay” or that’s so gay, yet gives the LGBT complete pass to use it,and use every another term that we deem anti-gay.. I can say that those whom have taken over the equality movement is willing running it str8 in the ground.. GAYINC and kiss my you know what…

  3. Tanner Bazemore, owner of Y2 Yoga says he is not homophobic just a wine drunk. Thats great wait until he sees he sent a $1,000 check to it getts better. What will he do then say Dam I gave a check a to a good cause or curse and drink some more wine. Is drinking too much wine part of yoga training.

  4. Just because you throw some money to It gets better project doesnt mean that all is ok. HE never apologize for what he said, he apologized for the readers taking it the wrong way. This is BS. If I attended this studio I would NEVER go back. If this ignorant guy knew the true meaning of Yoga he would realize that it is peaceful and safe. Not hostile like he is. People like him is the main reason why young LGBT feel like death is the only option. Shame on you Tanner grow up and realize that you should not try to spread your homophobia to other.

  5. you know what he does have to apologized period, he didn’t have to give money either..

    so stop the whining and B*tching about this stupid crap..

    I see the LGBT community is helping to destroy freedom of speech..

  6. SNT are you sleeping with this immature yoga wannabe? Sounds like it.

    And you are absolutely right. He doesn’t have to apologize but he is SMARTER than you. He knows this will cost him much moola in the long run.

  7. @kit, at least i don’t need to force other to like me nor act like a damn child,, in the face of bad words.. go please go and run to mommy and cry like the baby that many LGBT are becoming.

  8. @ KJ I know that what goes on this LGBT community, most of which is a bunch of lies… I for have not problem with the f words and so.. I can handle be called names unlike the babies of the LGBT that we have now.. who act like they are made of glass..

    LGBT folk/kids those born in the 90, need to grow the f up

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