Will a “Plus Size, Big Girl” finally win “Ru Paul’s Drag Race?” Nobody knows the answer, but RuPaul, of course. But we can speculate.

There is no question that Eureka O’Hara is my favorite on Season 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” She has the makeup skills of Season 6 Darienne Lake. She has the attitude, charisma and unlimited branding potential of Season 4 Latrice Royale. She has the comedy of Season 7 Ginger Minj. And she has the dance moves — well, frankly, I don’t know another big girl who can do what she does dancing?! So there’s the hype. And I truly believe she could be the first plus size, big girl to win, and here are my five reasons why…

1. Eureka is Season 10. I mean seriously what would “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 10 be like without her? Eureka on Season 10 is like if you took “Godzilla,” “Mothra,” “Destoroyah” and all the monsters and put them into one to create “Super Fabulous Mega Dragzilla.” She is a blockbuster. And every week, thanks to The Vixen, we tuned in to see if either The Vixen or Eureka would fight it out. She’s the elephant in the room. Um. The show revolves around her.

2. Skills, lewks and intelligence. Eureka is smart. She knows how to play the game. On top of it, she has impeccable style, makeup skills, can sew and even whip up a wig topper out of scraps. Eureka is the epitome of drag. She only fucked up a runway challenge once that I am aware of. And the moment of the “Double Shantay, You Stay” was priceless TV to watch.

3. Social Media is Abuzz. Everyone loves someone and loves to hate someone more. That is the sad world we live in. Social media hate toward Eureka has ensued from day one around pretty much everything. Some people complained that Eureka had an advantage coming back to the show. Of course, then there were the issues that happened around The Vixen and people had a lot to say. Then Eureka has been constantly criticized and fat shamed on Reddit and Instagram over her weight and somehow by being “body positive” setting a bad example for big girls (and boys) like herself. Oh, and then there was some issue at DragCon where Asia couldn’t get a photo with Eureka?! Anyway, you know what? All that controversy makes for a good what? Winner!

4. Drag with a purpose. Bullying fat kids or even making jokes poking fun at fat people is still okay in our society. Fat shaming happens in what we say, what we do and how our society functions every day. Eureka O’Hara, the Elephant Queen, to the rescue! Eureka authentically wants to make a difference around “body positivity.” Just take a listen to her spoken word titled “Phat Boy Riot.” Eureka uniquely speaks to the kids and adults out there who have always struggled with their weight and size. She is the perfect messenger — nearly 7 foot tall, P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot and Tasty as she calls it) and built like a school bus. Her purpose is clear — “be yourself to free yourself” — and love all of who you are.

5. The Moment. RuPaul is one smart cookie. She loves drag queens who have embraced who they are. RuPaul does not shy away from controversy and uses it to her advantage. She speaks out for causes, and somewhere in her heart, I believe she loves big girl drag queens. I mean she knew Divine after all. After 10 seasons, the moment is right for the big girl. And out of any “plus size, big girl” Eureka deserves it. What will Ru do?

Alright, so those are my five reasons why I think a big girl will win Season 10. Discuss among fan girls. Agree or disagree in the comments. Tell me who your favorite is to win and why. And remember, if the big girl doesn’t win, I guess we always have “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 11 or “AllStars” Season 4.

DRAG TIP: Here’s another prediction. Looking into my crystal ball and among the stars in the night sky, I predict a North Carolina queen finally makes it on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 11. Oh, and I win the lottery too. Stay tuned.

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4 replies on “Will a ‘Plus Size, Big Girl’ finally win RPDR?”

  1. YEssss!!! Eureka is my fav!!!! She always has been. When she was removed from last season I didn’t want to watch. I knew Ru did it in her best interest. Eureka deserves to win season 10. She is beautiful, always positive, classy I could go on and on. I love Ms. Eureka and her size should not even be a factor. Does anyone say on will season 10 winner be a skinny girl? Hell no!!!! Eureka has more then proved she should win on grace,talent and all her other abilities. There should be no label Eureka is no different then any other women up there!!!!
    #teameureka #lovingyourself #grace #talent

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