All right Trinity,
I’m a black male, out of the closet 10 years and part of the gay underground ball culture, House of Miyake-Mugler to be exact. I’ve been to balls across the nation, yet never meet a white member of any house [Trinity, please tell me you saw “Paris is Burning”]. Whites don’t find voguing, runway walking, battling or MC’ing as a part of their nightlife. We blacks would die without it. On the flipside, I don’t see many blacks going to white nightclubs. Why have whites never been part of the Ballroom/Vogue Culture?
Vogue Diva, Charlotte, NC

All right Vogue Diva,
I’ve often wondered why Bears don’t mix with Circuit Boys and Guppies don’t mix with Queens. Is it cultural, fear of the unknown, lack of intelligence or lack of information? I think it’s just a natural progression in the animal kingdom that each gay culture (group) works on itself, nurturing strong diverse cultures within a culture, making a place for everyone. It would be great if cultures mixed, I so agree, but Girlfriend, I’m not sure if the Ballroom culture is ready for The House of Snow White and Her Hairy Bears!

Hello Trinity,
I finally, after one month of getting up the nerve, said hello to someone with whom I had a crush. And, you know his reply, “ Sorry, you’re not my type!” Why do people have types Trinity? Why!
The Nerve, Des Moines IA

tt_419_112114Hello The Nerve,
Sorry to be the one to drop the hardhat, but most men have a type and some aren’t man enough to expand that type. It’s not fair, but that’s life! Now, continue talking to more men because there will be many who are bound to be your type. Remember, sweetie, many men smell, can’t spell and are sometimes blind to everything around them! (See my tale of woe when you check out my cartoon.)

Hey Trinity,
I’ve been dating a lot of gay men in the last year since I moved south. But, it seems like everyone has a different idea of relationships. I thought there was just love and marriage. What more is there?
Jaded, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hey Jaded,
Yes, you have uncovered the truth and, pumpkin, it’s not just a southern thing. There are many different relationships and here’s the list:

Trinity’s Eye Opening Ten Types Of Relationships
1. Open Relationships: Most common amongst gay men and insects. It can be “open” a few times a year or a few times a month. It also gives couples something to talk about at brunch.
2. Monogamy: Most common amongst lesbian and straight couples, as well as lizards. Black widows kill their lovers after mating, thank God most humans don’t!
3. Threesome Relationships: This not so common taboo got pretty popular in the last 10-15 years. Hey, it saves on heating bills in the winter!
4. Long Distance Relationships: Not the easiest or most practical, but popular in the gay world, especially since the advent of circuit parties and the internet.
5. Dysfunctional Relationship: If you’re with an alcoholic, drug abuser, sex addict, workaholic or anyone with low self-esteem, this too common phenomenon will keep you wondering, why me!
6. Stalking/Obsessive Relationships: If you idealize someone you can’t have, but won’t give up trying to date them, then this unrealistic twosome is for you.
7. Celibate Relationships: If you’re physically or emotionally challenged, this 13th century experience may torture… mean, may work for you.
8. S&M/Leather Relationships: Popular amongst those with strong commitments to their fetishes, can also be very expensive unless you own a leather shop.
9. Dating a Married Man (Woman) Relationship: Welcome to (in my opinion) the #1 relationship game played by many and seen mostly on Court TV!
10. Lastly, Sex Buddies: As the only non-relationship of all relationships, this basic “Friends with Benefits” relationship promises no relationship. No one gets hurt and no one grows up! : :

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