Dear Trinity,
I stood someone up but apologized and now he won’t answer my texts. What’s the big deal? I called 24 hours later, and I had a good excuse?
Yours truly, Ignored, Dallas, TX

Dear Ignored,
24 hours, wow! Have you ever stood, waiting 24 hours for anything, especially to hear someone’s lame excuse? The truth about standing someone up is that it makes them feel a) abandoned, b) like you had something better to do and c) that they better get used to being second on your list. Nothing says “evil” like standing someone up. Next time, honey, call 30 minutes to six hours before the date to cancel. But for now, try flowers, candy and some self-reflection!
Good Luck, Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
Why does it seem like all the good men are taken?
Sincerely, The Single Blues, Elizabeth, NJ

Dearest Single Blues,
Not all the good men are taken; some of the bad ones are taken too. Happy couples argue, ignore each other and have many troubles that they don’t display publicly. So pumpkin, enjoy being single because one day you’ll have someone else’s troubles to privately enjoy!
Sincerely, Trinity

Hey Girl,
I’m a fine-looking lesbian, and some nights I get hit on by every girl in the bar, but other nights I’m invisible. Why is that?
Thanks, Hit Or Miss, Boston, MA

Hey Hit Or Miss,
Socializing is always hit or miss. It could be the crowd, the music, the moon, the lighting, where you sit or just the energy of the night. There really are no rules for why you’re a woman magnet one night and the invisible woman the next night! So baby, on the nights that no stingrays are stingin’, go home and watch a good comedy. Sometimes it’s just best to stay home!
Hugs, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
My boyfriend of six months just broke up with me. He was so unkind and cruel. Why do all breakups have to be evil?
Good vs. Evil, Prince Edward Island, CA

Hello Good vs. Evil,
Many men have the class and education of a fish fossil, and you might have just dated one. Listen, sweetie, sit down, sip a martini and email him:

Trinity’s Good & Evil Timeline For Breaking It Off

  1. First Or Second Week: GOOD: Just say, “I’m not interested.” EVIL: Ignoring all texts and emails.
  2. Two To Four Weeks: GOOD: Calling to say, “It’s not what I’m looking for.” EVIL: Calling to say, “I’ve found someone else!”
  3. After One Month: GOOD: Live or by phone, breaking it off. EVIL: Sending an email or leaving a phone/text message, breaking it off.
  4. Two to Four Months: GOOD: Full communication! They deserve it! EVIL: Disappearing without a trace.
  5. Five and Six Months: GOOD: Clearly, to their face while sitting with them explain, blah, blah, blah! EVIL: Continuously standing them up just to make them hate you.
  6. Seven and 10 Months: GOOD: Speak lovingly, compassionately and understandingly while ruining her dreams. EVIL: Ending all sexual activities, thus forcing her to go to someone else.
  7. 11 to 15 Months: GOOD: Breaking it off at a nearby park or beach. EVIL: Breaking it off on some remote island with no easy way out for three days.
  8. 16 Months to Two Years: GOOD: Letting him catch you crying because, “You’re not in love anymore!” EVIL: Letting him catch you, with someone else!
  9. After Two Years: GOOD: Ending it, then giving her a few weeks to ease out of it. EVIL: Ending it then leaving her immediately for your not-so-new romance!
  10. After Three Years: GOOD: At a beautiful dinner and after some wine saying, “I just want to be friends.” EVIL: At the same dinner, saying the same thing. After three years, honey, almost every breakup seems evil!

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