North Carolina

Equality NC Seeking Three Changemakers to Join Their Staff
The positions of Triad Civic Engagement Coordinator, Communications Director and Western NC Civic Engagement Coordinator are open at Equality NC (ENC). Ranging from full-time to contract, these roles include overseeing community organizers, creating social media posts and monitoring LGBTQ-related legislation. ENC’s mission highlights the importance of supporting BIPOC members of the LGBTQ community, and they ask that all applicants uphold the same values. 


New York Dads File Lawsuit Against School After Son Endures Intense Bullying 
For two years, these parents had no idea the abuse that their son, who also identifies as gay, sustained while enrolled at one of Queen’s most prominent performing arts schools. The boy’s fathers decided to take him out of class when, at only 14 years old, he was having suicidal thoughts. These parents were appalled to find that, despite the anti-discrimination laws in place, the school’s staff did nothing to help their son. The Department of Education is investigating what happened to their son, but these dads will not rest until they are certain that no other child will undergo the same verbal assaults as their son.

Black Gay Man Killed After Harassed by Homophobes — Missouri Police Say It’s Unrelated
On July 28, De’Angelo Wallace, age 28, was shot and killed in downtown Kansas City. Wallace’s family believe that his death was a hate crime, while the Kansas City Police (KCKPD) reject this theory, saying that his murder was most likely the result of a fight between him and some other man. Discouraged by the KCKPD’s dismissal, Wallace’s loved ones sought support from Kansas City’s LGBTQ Commission Vice Chair, Justice Horn, who agrees that Wallace was most likely targeted as a Black member of the LGBTQ community.


Brazilian Man Under Arrest for Murder of Lesbian Ex-Wife
Ana Paulo Campestrini’s ex-husband, Wagner Cardeal Oganauskas, convinced his friend to help him murder his ex-wife, who had come out as a lesbian four years prior. This friend, Marcos Antonio Ramon, shot into Campestrini’s car 14 times, killing her almost instantly. This was all caught on camera, and both Oganauskas and Ramon are in police custody. Law enforcement speculates that both men were intensely homophobic and that Oganauskas did not want to share custody of his and Campestrini’s three children.

LGBTQ-Specific Services Made Available at Thai Hospital
The Bumrungrad International Hospital has made headlines as one of the first locations in Thailand to provide services specifically to gender expansive persons as well as same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Thailand, but a bill was introduced in 2020 that could allow for legal LGBTQ union. This hospital has dedicated a rainbow-colored wing to transgender or nonbinary individuals receiving hormone therapy, surgery and check-ups. As a one of a kind facility, Bumrungrad hopes to serve all LGBTQ patients by creating an open and accepting environment.

Georgian Cameraman Dies After Anti-LGBTQ Mob Beat Him and 50 Other Journalists
At just 37 years old, Alexander Lashkarava was brutally beaten on the streets during a Pride march. This cameraman and countless others gathered in the streets in an effort to celebrate the LGBTQ community, despite the threat to their safety. Homophobic and transphobic protestors took almost immediately to attacking Lashkarava and his fellow journalists. In Tbilisi, Georgia, thousands of protestors shouted at the Prime Minister about Lashkarava’s murder, claiming that, despite the fact that Lashkarava was released from the hospital after his beating and died in his own bed, his death was linked to the horrible attack.

School in India Offers Free Tuition to Transgender Students
Kinnar Vidyalaya opened its doors to the residents of Vasai East at the end of June. With impoverished housing surrounding the school, this educational haven was created for the express purpose of serving the underserved. Not only are all 25 currently enrolled students transgender, but several staff members are gender-expansive as well. This schooling will give alumni employability that they would not have otherwise.

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