gov pat mccrory hb2
Screenshot from Gov. Pat McCrory video.
gov pat mccrory hb2
Screenshot from Gov. Pat McCrory video.

Ever since signing the discriminatory anti-LGBT HB2 into law, Gov. Pat McCrory has been on the defensive. Not only is he facing a legal challenge by the ACLU, Equality NC and Lambda Legal, but he has to answer to the backlash as cities like Atlanta and Dayton, as well as states such as New York and Vermont, have banned travel to North Carolina, numerous companies threatening to pull out or cease expansion in the state.  Lionsgate pulled a pilot from filming in the state and PayPal announced they will not expand into Charlotte as planned. PayPal’s decision means the loss of 400 new jobs, with an average salary of $50,000.

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Republican lawmakers responsible for the mess are now turning around and blaming Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Attorney General Roy Cooper, along with their supposed “misinformation campaign.”

McCrory is also shifting the focus of blame onto Cooper, his rival in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

In response to Cooper’s comments on PayPal’s announcement that they would not be entering the state after all, McCrory Campaign Manager Russell Peck said in a press statement, “Cooper continues to side with out-of-state and Washington, D.C. special interests,” adding that “his out-of-state campaign backers like the Human Rights Campaign are actively recruiting companies to protest North Carolina and inflict economic damage so they can take advantage of the situation to continue to falsely attack Governor McCrory.”

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McCrory recorded a video message in response to the controversy as well, which was uploaded to the Office of Governor Pat McCrory YouTube page on March 29. In the video, he conveniently ignores the full extent of HB2, focusing instead on the transgender bathroom and locker room portion of Charlotte’s expanded non-discrimination ordinance and going after Cooper and those who disagree with him.

Video editor Daniel Cook took Gov. McCrory’s spin and re-spun it into a remix that in some ways feels like it contains more truth than the original. Gov. McCrory’s defensiveness provided plenty of material. Watch it below.

Gov. McCrory video message remix

Gov. McCrory’s original video message

Here is the original, unedited version for comparison purposes and in case you thought those focus issues were added in the remix. Nope, it was just that poorly produced.

What did you think of the remix version of McCrory’s message? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. McCrory is so full of himself and will not listen to the people. He is a disgrace and won’t be happy until all businesses leave Charlotte and then he will blame it on the media and the people against hb2.

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