charlotte non-discrimination ordinance
charlotte non-discrimination ordinance
Charlotte City Council Members raise their hands, voting yes on the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance passed 7-4.

No doubt you are already aware that Charlotte City Council voted 7-4 Monday night to expand the non-discrimination ordinance to include LGBT protections.

Each council member spoke ahead of the vote to explain their position.  Al Austin, John Autry, Patsy Kinsey, Julie Eiselt, Vi Lyles, James Mitchell and LaWana Mayfield all voted in favor of expanding the ordinance. Republicans Ed Driggs and Kenny Smith voted against, as did Democrats Greg Phipps and Claire Fallon.

Mayor Roberts, who was supportive of expanding the ordinance but could not cast a vote on the issue, spoke on the need for the action, before calling for the vote.

Since it is important to not only know the outcome, but how your elected officials arrived at their decision, here is what each of them had to say about why they would or would not vote for LGBT protections.

Mayor Roberts speaks on the ordinance, followed by the vote

“I have long been a supporter of social justice. As a county commissioner, I supported non-discrimination for county employees and voted to extend domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples,” Roberts said. “Discrimination is never right. Many on our business community understand this and many large businesses (and) small business, have led, as have other cities and counties, in LGBT non-discrimination. Our community understands that to attract the best possible talent, we must be a welcoming community that values each and every person’s contributions, and values them for who they are.

“Charlotte is committed to being an inclusive and fair community, where all people are treated with dignity and respect. I urge my colleagues to support this ordinance, but even more, I urge all of us to remember that dignity and respect is afforded to each human being.”

Charlotte City Council members voting yes on the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance

Al Austin (D)

John Autry (D)

Patsy Kinsey (D)

Julie Eiselt (D)

Vi Lyles (D)

James Mitchell (D)

LaWana Mayfield (D)

Charlotte City Council members voting no on the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance

Ed Driggs (R)

Claire Fallon (D)

Greg Phipps (D)

Kenny Smith (R)

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