WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Wednesday, The Washington Blade, one of the nation’s leading sources of LGBT news, practically un-endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton in her bid for the Democratic nomination for president.

On the paper’s website, Editor Kevin Naff said Clinton’s “time had come,” citing her defeat in North Carolina and her lackluster win in Indiana.

“The time has come for Clinton to adopt a gracious and conciliatory tone, end her campaign and endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president,” wrote Naff. “Tuesday night was, indeed, a game changer. Clinton suffered a drubbing in North Carolina — a ‘big’ state, in her terminology — and barely squeaked out a win in Indiana. She needed a convincing win there and a strong finish in the Tar Heel state to convince voters and, more importantly, donors that she still had a chance to win over the dwindling number of uncommitted superdelegates.”

Naff criticized Clinton, saying her actions at the ABC News debate were “over the line” and her campaign “rife with incompetence.”

In a Dec. 21 editorial Naff and The Washington Blade endorsed Clinton saying she was the best candidate to defeat the GOP nominee in November.

2 replies on “Washington Blade un-endorses Clinton”

  1. It’s not over till the Super Delegates Vote. So don’t give up on Hillary she is not a quitter…..

  2. I’m a gay guy who’s been closely following this race for months now and, just as closely, following the gay press, the HRC and The Advocate for any insight among our community leaders about who are choice is and why. I’ve been disappointed for months!

    I’ve come to my own decision and I’ve been a Hillary supporter since February. In short I think Hillary is more experienced and a stronger candidate against McCain. I also think the woman who is embodying the right of all women is more likely to pave the way for queer, gay & lesbian rights. For certain the feminist movement has always paved the way for us!

    I’m left asking these questions: Why have we – as a community – been so silent about our support for Hillary? Where are our leaders right now? Why are we now standing by and merely watching the first woman president slip pass us as if the anti-woman sentiments sure to follow (and have, in fact, been going on all along) won’t possibly affect us too? We – the gay men and certainly our strong lesbian sisters – know that sexism (and its equally powerful bedmate, homophobia) is running rampant right now! Why aren’t we asking why we’ve spent months listening to people accuse each other of using the ‘race card’ but little to no mention of the ‘gender card?” I thought this was a historical race for TWO reasons! Why are we letting Hillary be called a bitch, a whore, and all these other incredibly sexist things? (for more check out the fascinating article entitled “Clinton Campaign Brought Sexism Out of Hiding” at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/05/clinton_campaign_brought_sexis.html) It includes a shocking list of the way Hillary has received blatant sexist attacks!

    We should be outraged right now!!! This affects us all!!! Speak out my sisters and brothers! Let’s find our voice again!!!! Bring on the “Dykes on Bikes for Hillary,” “The Divas for Hillary,” the “Circuit Boys for Hillary,” and “Bears for Hillary.” Feminism and the woman’s movement has made our Queer path possible….no one can dispute that fact! Don’t abandon our sisters nor the symbolism of the first woman (even with her imperfections – we all got ‘em!) running for president right NOW.

    God Bless you all!

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