Laura Morris believes she is doing “God’s work” by disrespecting transgender students’ pronouns and bathroom rights. (Photo Credit: Screenshot of Laura Morris at Loudoun County School Board resignation meeting)

Earlier this month school teacher Laura Morris told the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia that she has had enough; crying out that she quits “being a cog in the machine that tells [her] to push highly politicized agendas on [the] most vulnerable constituents — the children.” Morris had taught one of Lucketts Elementary school’s fifth grade classes for some time before the state of Virginia passed House Bill 145 and Senate Bill 161 in 2020. The resulting law requires our neighboring state’s public schools abide by Virginia’s updated transgender-related Department of Education policies. 

These new regulations outline the need for confidentiality in record-keeping, the usage of proper names/pronouns and the use of gender-specific restrooms. The Virginia legislation was passed in an effort to protect transgender students from harassment, bullying and being outed. 

In keeping with the new laws, Morris and her colleagues were asked to complete LGBTQ-specific diversity training. Morris believes that to be an affront to her personal religious beliefs. 

Celebrity activists say that that are exhausted in hearing stories such as this, with actor George Takei posting on Facebook: “It’s incredible the lengths some folks will go to convince themselves they’re a victim.” Many on social media have also pointed out Morris’ choice of words in saying that she as a “white, Christian, able-bodied female” no longer has any value in the eyes of legislation or education. 

Several Christian-based organizations have taken up the Morris cause. The Christian Post wrote of what it referred to as “bravery” when she decided to “resign in protest of her school district’s curriculum.” 

“I feel the amazing blessings of God just pouring down on me from what has happened,” The Christian Post reported. “I’m so excited that what I did and said might spark others, might illuminate in others the desire to … put some action to their words.” 

As of yet, her public resignation has not lead to any more staff stepping down. 

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